MLB 13 The Show Gets Seven New Stadiums — In The Minor Leagues

MLB 13 The Show Gets Seven New Stadiums — In The Minor Leagues

When I finish with my professional obligations in writing about MLB The Show and sit down to play it for my own enjoyment, I’m nearly 100 per cent a Road to the Show player. That’s the game’s career mode, where you bring a guy out of the minor leagues into the majors and, one hopes, stardom.

But like the other PS3 role-playing game I enjoy, I spend a lot of time in the minor leagues because I’m always rebooting my players or toying with different classes.

So, I’ve seen nearly all of the 19 fictional baseball fields where you play your minor league career in The Show. In fact, being promoted sometimes means you still stay in the same stadium (“Green Valley Stadium”, last year, was home to Philadelphia’s AA and AAA clubs.) Not only that, each park had its own set of umpires locked to it, which meant a Phillies prospect could go his whole career getting balls and strikes called by the same guy at his home games. (Curse you, Earl Cooper!)

To add a little more variety, MLB 13 The Show will add seven more minor league stadiums. That one above is the glamorous Bayfront Park, whose measurements are 100m down the lines, 120m to centre field, 118m in the alleys. Environment artist Kevin Weinstein “decided to incorporate the west coast look of the Santa Monica Pier, blended with a Coney Island style for the unique background you see beyond the right field wall.”

Two other ballparks, Stateman Park and Crystal Falls Stadium, are featured at the link below. The last time The Show added minor league ballparks was in 2011, when it brought in All-American Park and The Porch.

Dev Journal: 7 New Minor League Stadiums [The Show Nation]

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