Monopoly Scraps The Iron, Says Hello To Kitty

The Monopoly token, bridging many generations with the shared childhood memory of fighting over who got the racecar, added a new member to its ranks today and got rid of that stupid flat iron once and for all.

What's new? Well, as this was voted on by the internet, there was no way in hell a cat was going to lose. So, the kitty makes the lineup. Cat was the preferred choice of 31 per cent of the zillions who voted on this thing.

The iron was voted out with a paltry 7 per cent support from the public. Also facing relegation were the wheelbarrow and the shoe. Iron was one of the original eight metal tokens but is now officially a free agent. If it doesn't choose retirement, iron's options are a gig with Pay Day, or filming advertisements with Dennis Rodman.

Scottie dog got the most support of the existing pieces, 29 per cent.


    What? We could have had a mustached robot but the greater internet populace voted for a kitty? Stupid internet.

    It's not like kitties are ever going to enslave us and take over the world. We should have taken this opportunity to get tiny idols of our future overlords in millions of homes.

      It's like they removed one thing traditionally associated with women and replaced it with..

      ... Another thing traditionally associated with women.

      (For PC reasons, I know, not anymore)

      Well to be fair there are dozens of websites that are dedicated to cute cat picture and cute cat pictures with silly captions. So makes sense.

        So... when we do make machines with always-connected brains they'll be addicted to kitties and we can offer them this as a peace offering?

      Finally someone who agrees with me!
      'tached robots are awesome and cats want to rule the world!

    I now hate the internet for making this decision.

    I for one, embrace our new Kitty overlords.

      I'd like to remind them that as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves

    Have they got ride of the fucking thimble yet?

      women need something, they got rid of the iron so they have to keep the thimble

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