More Games Should Release Their Multiplayer As A Standalone, Like This Indie Game

The Banner Saga — that beautiful strategy game made by ex-Bioware devs — is releasing sometime later this year. But you can play the multiplayer segment of the game right now, if you want. It's out on Steam, on its own — for free, to boot. Check out the launch trailer above.

I'm a big fan of this move. In fact, I wish more games did it, because there's plenty of franchises that I buy solely for the multiplayer (most shooters, actually). I'm sure there's no shortage of people who buy games solely for the single player, too. What if we could buy only exactly what we're interested in? What if we could buy just the multiplayer portion of a game, for example?

I can't help but muse on that and how it would hypothetically work for other franchises, especially when you consider that so much about games and their payment models is being turned on its head of late. I'm betting we'll see more of what The Banner Saga is doing here; more games that segment the experience (but, continue to offer it as a 'whole', too.)

Regardless of how plausible it is for more games to do the same, you can go play The Banner Saga: Factions — the multiplayer standalone of The Banner Sagahere, right now, if you want. Sweet deal.


    Noooo don't encourage this because then they will just charge us $100 for the SP and $100 for the MP :C

      I think the implication was to give away the multiplayer for free. It's an enticement that shows off the game and lets players get a feel for the game, and assuming they like it then they'll buy the single player component. I'm tempted to try this, and true to my own words if I like it I'll buy the rest.

      Free multi, pay-for single. I'm perfectly okay with this. Let me pay $30 for a 10 hour singleplayer game, and let me pay as I go for shiny skins and stuff in multiplayer.

    I'd actually like to see DLC released as stand alone games, for instance you can play the prequel to Dead Rising 2 (Case 0) on Xbox, but it doesn't require the disc, it's merely an XBLA title that doubles as a demo of the main game, every game should do this, so rather than limit the DLC to people who bought the $69 game, open up a smaller bite size experience to those who want it.

    Isn't Austin Wintory doing the music for this? Was hoping to hear a bit of the soundtrack, but not much music in the trailer :(

    Seems like a really good idea. A thing I like about the idea is that if there's no multiplayer then the game takes up significantly less space.

    I've wanted this for ages. Wrote a blog about it last year.

    Most of the time I don't want the multi player parts of a game. I just want the story bits. So why not sell them separately at around half price and bundle them together for a slight discount? Otherwise I'm just going to wait for a massive sale before I buy.

    i'd put in for the kickstarter way back when. got the MP as part of the beta.

    it's a nice snippit of a game i'm looking forward to - the art is beautiful, really helps with the low fantasy Viking setting, and the MP gives a clear idea of how the combat will work.

    It's also a good way to keep a playerbase for multiplayer - MAG had a player upswing after it became free (with a lower level cap), Uncharted 3 is about to do the same...give them a taste, and all that.

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