Mortal Kombat Finally… *Finally* Has A Release Date In Australia

Mortal Kombat Finally… *Finally* Has A Release Date In Australia

And that release date is May 29, 2013. We should have a party on that day or something.

Interestingly, on the EB pre-order page there is still a notification that the game will not be available for purchase in Queensland, and directs consumers to a customer hotline. That’s probably just a precaution because, by that time the Governer in QLD will almost certainly have signed off on recent legislation passing R18+ in the state.

It’s just a video game, and a pretty old one at that, but this feels significant. Mortal Kombat was probably the most high profile game to be refused classification in Australia and it feels like a pretty major victory to have it finally be released in Australia.

Big thanks to Spaghett for the heads up!


  • Do we know if it’s for a reduced price, given that it’s a 2011 title?

    EDIT: Nevermind, $48… I’d have pegged it a bit cheaper by now, since if I remember correctly I paid less than that including shipping much closer to release 😛
    Nonetheless, the complete edition is still kinda enticing.

  • I really, really hope we’ll get it for Vita and PS3 as part of PS+ since we (and Germany) missed out.

    Won’t happen though 🙁

    (@spaghett :D)

  • Moral victory? Sure. But after playing it last year I thought it was terrible. Partly my fault I guess, I was told it was essentially going to be classic MK with updated graphics…..Nope.

    • it is essentially clasic MK with updated graphics, in fact its so much so that they left in the clipping issues for uppercut and the dodgy walk annimation.

      gotta admit its one of the best MK games since MK2

      • Its not entirely their fault. Ive likely got my rose tinted goggles on, plus the fatality gimmick was wearing thin on me even back then. I guess Mortal Kombat just isnt for me anymore. Oh well, ill always have fond memories of beating Kintaro for the first time. Shang Tsung triple fireball cheese, yum yum.

    • Some people (myself included) just prefer the certainty of brick and mortar stores; we can see it’s there, we can hold it in our hands, and we get it as soon as we fork over they money for it, plus we have reasonable certainty that it’s the right region and will work on our systems. I personally have no clue if it’s even region locked for PS3, but I did hear that it was the case and that’s stayed my hand at buying it online.

      Plus, the shipping to Australia will cost a fair bit, and you have no idea of the condition of what you’re buying until it gets here, and the last game I ordered online (Starcraft II) the delivery guy drove up while I was on the phone asking where it was, pulled up to my letter box and dropped the “you weren’t home” card straight in it and drove of about 10 minutes before the post office closed (and I live 5 minutes away).

        • I ordered this game through Ozgameshop three times on three separate purchases and received every copy. I didn’t realise customs gave two shits.

      • I’ve ordered dozens of games and hardware from ozgameshop and I have received almost every order in under a week, all in perfect working order. All network/online pass/codes working etc.

        I think for MK customs initially made a big fuss and threatened to confiscate copies, after a bout a fortnight they completely forgot about it and pretty much every copy got through.

  • If you’re in Queensland, you can also order from who have the Komplete edition for a similar price.

  • I know this is good news, and I don’t want to be a dick, but I can still order this game from overseas and recieve the game in March. Why wait until May?

  • Got this online from PSN last year. After going through every fatality one afternoon I never touched it again. Not my fighter. Arc System Works twitch fighters for me!

  • Hell yes, I mean I already imported it from the US when it came out but awesome. This does however really boost my confidence in the updated classification system.

    • Yeah, the only reason why customs was against it was because it had been RCed. Now that it’s got a rating it’s fair game.

  • That’s probably just a precaution because, by that time the Governer in QLD will almost certainly have signed off on recent legislation passing R18+ in the state.

    You forget how late they were for the initial vote. Though it is election year so they probably want to get themselves in the good books of a major voting group. Seriously though, it’s good to see things start to move forward in Australia. We’re almost in the 20th century now.

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