Naruto Fans Need To Watch This 15 Minute Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Demo

The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series has always done a great job of capturing the look and spirit of both the Naruto manga and anime and the latest entry, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 looks set to follow in those footsteps. For fans of the series this above footage, taken from the demo released on the Japanese PSN store, is a must watch.

It features gameplay footage of one of the most anticipated moments of the show. From the moment the show started we were told that the main character Naruto was born in the middle of an attack from the nine tailed fox, which was then sealed inside Naruto. Ever since that moment fans have longed to see precisely how that occurred. Eventually this whole episode was covered in the manga and, subsequently, the anime. The above demo represents this in game and does a cool job of doing so.

For non-Naruto fans this is just a boss battle featuring an old dude fighting a giant fox. It is still cool minus the context!

Thanks Patrick!


    Looks like they are still using that substitute log 'get out of jail free' card which can make online battles annoying not like a that means alot anyways since online matches were so laggy you wouldn't even bother with versus mode anyways.

    Overall I'm looking forward to this and plan to get that Artbook edition at JB HiFI.

      Not sure how you would make the game without the substitute system, you would have to build it up from the ground basically or completely change the way combos work.

      As for online lag, 90% of my matches are fine, not sure where your issues are coming from.

        The games I played were incredibly laggy and all the battles were the same: Chakra sprint into each other and substitute out of combos until you ran out of substitutes and hopefully your opponent made a mistake like blocking or accidentally substituting away twice from one combo if that happened you'd normally win.

        Maybe I should of given the multiplayer more of a chance.

          Sounds like you were playing singles, or the very bottom rung of team battles.

          I know I played a guy who tried to do exactly that when I was using Kankuro.

          He charges, I pop Kabuto support, use ultimate, catches him in the air, half his health gone.

          He gets up, charges, directly into another ultimate.

          He disconnects.

          I receive a message "fuck you spammer".

          So pick a character with a charge-type ninjutsu and open with that? There's a lot more depth to the system than you're suggesting (outside of the admittedly ultra-cheap spammy ranged-type ninja), and I think it's a lot more accessible than most other fighting games because the controls are so simple. I love it.

    I much prefer, as a trailer, the new one put up a few days ago.

    Though it doesn't show off long tracts of gameplay, it shows off a lot of the cinematics and choreography that's in the game, as well as hinting at large amounts of the character roster!

    I love naruto quite alot, But on the other hand I also hate watching other people play games.

    Im stuck :|

    Yeah i played the campaign finished it wasnt to hard only at the end but online isnt laggy for me i love playing online since i finised probably going to buy the other naryto game

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