New Game From The Lead Designer Of Limbo Pops With Colour

Ingenious puzzles and a chilling black-and-white aesthetic helped make 2011's Limbo a critically acclaimed hit. Now, the guy who crafted much of that indie success' gameplay has something new coming out, a stripped-down platformer called 140 that's exploding with rainbow hues.

The stark minimalism of Limbo is in evidence here but Jeppe Carlsen's new game also adds a rhythm element that seems to be a key part of the game's mechanics too. 140 is due out for PC sometime soon.

Limbo puzzle designer's pet project, 140, is a polychromatic, pulsing platformer [Indie Games]


    What the fuck did I just watch?

    I take it you dynamically shift shapes instead of employing conventional movement, cool idea if it works. Hope its one of those games like audiosurf where you can use your own music though

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