New Mario & Luigi RPG Will Take Place In Luigi's Dreams

Nintendo just announced a new instalment in the Mario & Luigi role-playing game series, and it looks absolutely insane.

The new game is set in Luigi's dreams, and it lets you rub Luigi's face on the bottom screen as you adventure with both plumbers on the top screen.

This is the fourth entry in the quirky Mario & Luigi series, and the first for 3DS. The most recent release, Bowser's Inside Story, came out for DS back in 2009.

This new one is called Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It'll be out in the third quarter of 2013 for Nintendo 3DS.


    A game set in Luigi's dream? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!

      Better Luigi's dream than Bowser's rectum I say.

        LOL. - Jake obviously hasn't played any of the games in the series.

      This isn't a first for a Nintendo game... Super Mario Bros 2 was all a weird dream Mario had.

        It was Luigi's dream! I knew all along! And that game was just a reskinned version of Doki Doki Panic!

    I've enjoyed all the Mario and Luigi games so far, looking forward to this one too.

    This actually looks really good. It seems like the RPG series gets all the new ideas now and the platforms just get the same old (good) ideas repeated.

    The Mario and Luigi series are known for their crackpot plots and scenarios. I don't care where it's set, so long as the gameplay stacks up to Partners in Time and Inside Story, which are two of my favuorite titles on the DS, and the only turn-based RPG's I've ever been obsessed with.

    I hope he dreams about his friends, or his fears and rivals appear in his dreams.
    Would be cool seeing Mario fight ghosts from Luigi's Mansion, and Waluigi in some other crazy dream.

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