New Skylanders Swap Force Trailer Shows Off Wacky Combos

Activision's latest figure-collecting-slash-video-game-adventure, Skylanders Swap Force, has recently got a brand new teaser trailer. The two-minute short showcases some of the figures and the ways they can be combined, then moves on to show us some colourful (and explosive!) gameplay footage.

The trailer boasts 256 swap combinations in total, and a release date of late 2013.


    This reminds me of Kameo

    Also, it makes me want to play Skylanders :S

    That villain looks amazing. He reminds me of old Nickelodeon cartoon bad guys.

    loved most of Kaos' lines in giants but:
    "Now this daiper is filled with EVIILLL"
    definitely takes the cake

    The villain guy is the Raz/Zim guy?!? I'm almost tempted to get it now XD

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