Next Game In Batman's Arkham Series Is Coming This Year

Slipped within Time-Warner's call to investors last week was this mention, from the company's chief financial officer, that the next entry in the acclaimed Arkham series of Batman video games will be arriving in 2013.

Said John K. Martin, Time-Warner's chief financial officer:

And we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise. So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013.

Last month, Warner registered a slew of Arkham-themed domains, among them "Arkham Universe", "arkham Legends" and "Arkham Stories".

We've reached out to Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment for a comment, and will update any it makes here.


    2009-Batman:Arkham Asylum
    2011-Batman:Arkham City
    2013-Batman:Gotham City

      I think they'll keep Arkham in the name for brand identity.

      Super Batman Arkham Galaxy!

        Going with the recent naming trend it surely must be Batman: Arkham Revelations

      They shudn't have crammed so many villains into arkham city. Even the cameos were excessive.
      Now most villains will need to be rehashed and the thrill of seeing their character models for the first time is gone.

    Loved Arkham Asylum, I'm in the middle of Arkham City right now and it's awesome.

    More Batman you say, yes please. Here's hoping it's a next-gen title. I am a bit worried that it's not going to be made by Rocksteady though.

      If it's coming this year, I suspect it'll be current gen.

    The Arkham games are easily my favourite of this generation, so I'm keen.

    Batman Arkham Shopping Centre.

      "Two Face has taken over Kmart and is cutting their bargain t-shirts in half and sewing them back together haphazardly. I need to put a stop to him"

        The treatment to this story is highly's been LEAKED!!!!

    Rocksteady already announced that there next game won't be Batman.
    So I'm going to remain skeptical at this point.

      I don't know how much truth there is to it, but I've read that Rocksteady may have been replaced or something.

    Arkham Galaxy sounds incredibly lame, and if it goes with a linear progression something like Arkham State or Arkham Nation would be more likely. Though I don't know how they would increase the scale and keep the tight open world game play, perhaps we will get to drive the bat mobile in this one

    Lets hope it doesn't use Games for Windows Live. I just re-installed Arkham City and can't log in. Spent about 3 hours trouble shooting and decided its not worth the hassle for a 2nd play through.
    That's the 2nd game I've "lost" to GFWL. Apparently I don't own my copy of Dirt 3 any more.

    Huh? The Bat Signal? Gotham needs me once more...

    Ehhh, was really dissapointed with City, while Asylum was one of my favourite games this gen, really need to see which direction this one is headed before comitting any excitement to it. Also seen the Rocksteady rumours, honestly I'd love to see those guys tackle something else, they're some talented folks, so not too concerned.

    Shame Mark Hamill is no longer doing the Jokers voice anymore.

    As long as they strip it back, less "sandbox", more strategy/puzzles and very few guns, please.

    Imagine; Batman: Arkham Nation. Batmobile and various batplane options.

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