Next-Gen Screenshots Show A Little Killzone Murder On The PS4

If you were expecting a next-gen shooter on the PS4 to look a lot like it would on the PS3, only shinier, well, congratulations. You were right.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is the next game in Guerilla's series, and a gameplay video was shown at Sony's PS4 unveiling earlier this evening. Most images here appear to be from that video, but since it was a gameplay demonstration, they still give us a good look at the game. Especially since, if you open the images up at their full size, you can see enough tiny little jagged lines to make you think they may even be actual screenshots. Maybe. If you're being optimistic.


    New amazing graphics, same tedious crap about being a guy in a cool outfit shooting things with guns. Roll on, gaming.

      I thought it was the people you were shooting (the helghast) in the cool outfits, whereas you (the ISA) were just another helmet-less gung-ho action star.

      Before all of this intra-council backstabbing I didn't mind the story at all :-/

      As for the next rendition, it could be worse I guess. Don't know what direction they want to swing the story in, but so long as its pretty, and my helghast are still sporting sexy British accents, we coo'.

    All that power in the PS4 and the first thing they show us is bloody Killzone.

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      What do you mean? I thought Killzone looked pretty, ran at 30fps but you didn't mind because it was so damn gorgeous. In terms of platform tech demos, it's damn close to the crysis of the playstation. And Sony is the publisher of said pretty game... Given that, no matter what one may have against the game, I find it's quite fitting as a launch announce...

        Yeah that and it Doesnt look any better than halo 4 yewww!

      It might not be your cup of tea, but the Killzone series has always been top notch at utilising the PS3 . It's good shorthand for Sony saying "yes, this is a powerful bit of gear".

        I've always disliked Killzone but it did look lovely and I'm sure Killzone fans would be happy from what little was shown.

          Indeed. Personally, I can't wait to see the next FALLOUT game on the PS4/Microsoft machine. I do hope they make good use of it...

      It's just... we've been here. And I don't think I'm speaking too far out of turn when I say that the Killzone series is more admired than loved - it's not really a series that anyone is going crazy over is it? And that demo was the definition of pretty but my-god-not-this-again. So for it to be the very first thing they showed - I just felt the presentation took a stumble that it never really recovered from. Although Square Enix really didn't help!

        So what if we've been here and done that, these are launch titles which means I'd rather have something well done tried and trusted than an experimental game gone bad like the grand majority of launch title.

          But the rest of the presentation was geared around telling us how innovative, community-focused, revolutionary etc. the PS4 is (y'know, with the wii U knock-off, the kinect knock-off, the share button and the awesome creative opportunities provided by fricken Move) and then the first game they show off is just an up-rezed PS3 game. Yeah, it's great that a solid shooter is a launch title, and it's important that there's plenty of eye candy at launch, but that's not what the presentation was about. Surely they could have swapped in something else that innovated in something more than particle physics and draw distance and saved KZ for E3.

        I dunno, I've seen worse launch titles. Hell, the ps3 had a very scarce amount of games to begin with... And of those, only a select few like Motorstorm were actually pretty wicked cool.

        And although the last four or so hours of Killzone 3 felt repetitive, grindy and just plain not much fun, the games are a pretty good show of what the system is capable of, and there are parts to them that are actually pretty neat. I know they're not everybody's cup of tea, but Sony could do a -lot- worse for a launch title.

      Why don't you work for Sony? Maybe you can come up with a better plan to showcase the PS5. While you're at it, fix Killzone so it's not as "bloody" as you think it is :)

    Honestly nothing amazing in those pics if you ask me.
    But then i'm an elitist PC player who can afford to spend more than a couple tuppence on a machine.

    The city looks nice, but that's easy stuff. The character models are below what is already in high quality PC titles.

    Finally agreed with Blow on something. The explosions bored me to tears, everyone in the room was bored and disappointed only seconds into the trailer.

    They should have just shown the flying part. It went on for a little too long.

    I just don't understand you guys, really. This is a launch title PS4 game for god's sake, what were you expecting? A game that you have to shield your eyes from upon booting up due to the copious amounts of graphics or some shit?

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