Ni No Kuni Gets A Lovely New Trailer And Free DLC

Today, possibly to coincide with the release of my Ni no Kuni review, but probably not, the folks at publisher Namco Bandai made two announcements.

1. There's a new trailer, which you can watch above. It's lovely! 2. Ni no Kuni will get free downloadable content on February 12. If you head to the PlayStation Network then, you can get your hands on a free Draggle familiar (an adorable dragon monster thing).

Want more info on the new PS3 role-playing game? Check out our review, and our tips for playing Ni no Kuni the best way.


    There are 2 free dlc familiars on the aus psn. It gives you tickets to trade for the familiars at some point in the game. I have not reached it yet

      I just reached that point earlier today. Roughly 7ish hours in.

    This article isn't well written for #2, it makes little sense. Either the DLC is not the familiars and its coming out on the 14th and you neglected to mention what it is or the DLC is the 2 familars. However those familiars are already out and can be downloaded right now on the PSN along with a theme for PS+ members.

      I think they're free in the PAL regions to make up for the "delay", I know the US don't have them for free yet but my guess is a bunch of them probably whinged and complained and now they're getting it anyway :P

        I see, so we on AU kotaku are getting a rehashed American article that makes no sense and has no relevence to us, makes sense -_-.

        Though i wish my wizard edition from zaavi would hurry up and get here, so pumped, especially with the articles on it every day. Made playing anything else impossible because all i want is ni no kuni!!!!!!!

        I did download the draggle and that gold something yesterday in anticipation, though was bumbed about the theme since only my us account has ps+.

    Already out. go all the way down!/en-au/games/ni-no-kuni-wrath-of-the-white-witch/cid=EP0700-NPEB01158_00-NNKDLFULLGAMEPTA

    Looks absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get it.

    As someone who does not typically enjoy JRPG style combat - but found KOTOR - or even Morrowind's stat-based "real time" combat - quite tolerable, even intuitive ... would i be ok with this? Because - along with the likes of Heavy Rain, 3D Dot Heroes, and other exclusives - Ni no Kuni is making me want to buy a ps3.

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