Nintendo's Awkward 1990s, Remembered On Resurrected VHS

NeoGAF user jjgames has done the history of video games — or at least our ability to easily access some awkwardly amusing parts of it — a great favour. He's bought six old VHS tapes from the '90s, each containing a Nintendo marketing or training video.

They remind us of a time Nintendo was a lot warmer, a lot quainter. And also of a time where grown men wore mullets without the slightest hint of irony.

You can watch all six videos below.

Nintendo Videos [YouTube]


    Man, I love it when people just film TV screens and upload it to the net.


      Not everyone has a video capture card.

        Imagine if they did though... What a world! I mean, hunger would still exist. And poverty too. And all that other bad shit. But I'd enjoy Youtube videos so much more. One day, eh?

        A man can dream...

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