Nintendo's Commercial For Luigi's Mansion 2 Is Straight-Up 90s

Grab your Gushers, kids. This new commercial for the second Luigi's Mansion — out March 24 for 3DS — feels straight out of 1995. That's not a bad thing, of course.

Nothing like some good old 90s' nostalgia to brighten up your Sunday afternoon.


    Yeah, not sure how it is like the 90's, but the ad is really effective and well put together. Maybe the only criticism is not making it known this is a 100% new game, and not just a Luigi's Mansion remake. Still, a great example of how not all game ads are crap.

    Pretty sure that's the same damm narrator that Nintendo used for ads way back in the 90's.

    I would say it is 90s in the same sense that when is the last time you have seen a commercial of a kid playing a video game as a means to promote the game being played. Nowadays it is usually some clip made using in-game scenes or a from scratch kinda deal using the game engine.
    Then there is also the kid himself and his enthusiasm. Remember ads for board games like connect 4 and mousetrap etc with everyone grinning like idiots? same stylings, and definitely not seen in quite some time

    Maybe it's meant to be something straight out of 1984....Ghostbusters anyone?

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