North Korea Doesn't Need Instagram To Look Retro

Instagram, with all its hipster filters, can make anything look retro. But you know what, North Korea really doesn't need Instagram. It's already as retro as you can get.

Still, Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder is in Pyongyang, uploading photos to his Instagram page, points out TechInAsia.

Explains Guttenfelder on his Instagram page: "...the local service provider, Koryolink, is allowing foreigners to access the Internet on a data capable 3G connection on our mobile phones. In the past I could post geolocated phone photos to my Instagram feed by turning my online laptop into a hotspot to link my iPhone or iPod touch by Wi-Fi. But today I'm posting this directly from my phone while riding in the back of a van in Pyongyang. The window onto North Korea has opened another crack. Meanwhile, for Koreans here who will not have access to the same service, the window remains shut."

Filters or not, Guttenfelder's photos are fantastic. They provide a look the world really hasn't seen at an extremely guarded country. Other press, such as AP's Jean Lee are also uploading to Instagram. If you're on Instagram, both are definitely worth following.

Instagram Shows Us a Drab and Human Side Of North Korea [TechInAsia]


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