North Korea Uses Call Of Duty In Bizarre Propaganda

North Korea Uses Call Of Duty In Bizarre Propaganda

If those North Korean propaganda games weren’t odd (and unsettling) enough, the country’s state media is incorporating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and “We Are the World” to show the US under attack.

Never mind that “We Are the World” was written by Americans (Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson) or that North Korea probably (um, definitely?) didn’t get permission to use this bit from Modern Warfare 3, the entire thing is one complete and very scary mindf**k.

Uploaded by North Korean propaganda agency Uriminzokkiri, the video, as LiveLeak points out, is a dream sequence that shows a North Korean rocket — the same kind the country recently launched into space. As an elevator music version of the USA for Africa charity song plays, the rocket circles the globe, an elated Korea is reunited, and at around the 2:15 mark, an American flag is draped over a bombed out New York City.

That scene of destruction will look familiar to anyone who has played Modern Warfare 3, because it is from Modern Warfare 3. It’s as though the North Korean propaganda wizards were unable to render destruction of New York on their own, so they had to borrow images from Call of Duty.

“Somewhere in the United States, black clouds of smoke are billowing,” reads the caption on the propaganda video (via LiveLeak. “It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire started by itself.”

Then the man in the video believes that his dream will “surely come true”. A caption on the video reads, “Despite all kinds of attempts by imperialists to isolate and crush us… Never will anyone be able to stop the people marching toward a final victory.”

All this using “We Are the World” and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3! Sure, the whole thing is unsettling, but the irony is beyond baffling. Surely, North Korea knows, right?

The video was uploaded over the weekend. But this morning, The Guardian is reporting that a North Korean nuclear test is “imminent”.

North Korea video shows US city under attack [LiveLeak — Thanks Sean for pointing out COD!]


  • “Test” I’m probably gonna sound like an alarmist here, but I have a strange feeling they’re done screwing around now.

    • No I agree. Nth Korea does not live in the real world. They would be silly enough to start a war to “reclaim” the south and launch at the USA. Even this vid by their government says it is an inevitable conflict.

      • North Korea has never been the problem its their sugar daddy china that has been shielding them from the consequences of their actions, if it wasn’t for that north Korea would have been wiped out during the war.

        • Mind you even the Chinese are getting ticked off by North Korea. They’re like the retarded kid who keeps trying to piss everyone off and is in return, pissed off by everyone being pissed off at them (it’s a vicious cycle of pissed off-edness).

          It was during that spat with South Korea, the mortar strike thing. China even said “Dude, not cool.”

          • Yeah I do know about China and the relationship. Problem here is China being China may be shielding them but as a results nth Korea think if it throws caution to the wind that they have an ally that will protect them regardless. It is far to complicated and convoluted for a comments thread.
            You both are right though.

    • I sometimes wonder if, maybe they have no nuclear capacity at all, but rather just buried 5,000 tonnes of TNT and detonated it to make it look like an underground nuclear test….

      • That’s hilarious. Considering the propaganda vids they make about how well the country is doing with people moving boxes around for no reason in the backgroung this would not surprise me.
        They think people are gullible fools.

  • Oh noes, not the North Koreans. Them having a bomb is of some concern to the US but not a major one. Their current missile defence system is designed for the express purpose of defending against attacks from a country with the level of technology of North Korea (see 60 years behind).

    Not to mention the fact that the North Koreans have to be well aware that any first strike against a major Western power would immediately result in them being pummelled into submission. Kim Jong-Un may be just as crazy as his Dad, but I doubt he’s that stupid.

    Long story short: Is it a concern, sure. Should everybody be afraid, no.

    • i think the concern is still the same as it was during the cold war.
      MAD mutually assured destruction was the only thing keeping the USA and USSR from nuking each other. North Korea may be deluded enough to think they could actually pull off some kind of great victory

  • i seriously wish they would try something, Not only because of the amount of pure embarrassment as their entire army is decimated in seconds, but also the fact that NK is only running because of international aid and would probably starve to death without it.

  • People often forget that this stuff is local propaganda at home.

    They aren’t wanting to or going to attack the USA or anyone anytime soon. Even if they had the means, it’ll destroy their country. Those in charge want to remain that way and so use all sorts of propaganda. There’s no reason to take it seriously at all.

  • What would actually happen, is we would detonate their nukes as they launched, which would destroy North Korea in the process. So in effect, Norea Korea would be the cause of it’s own destruction.

  • Finally watched this thing. Has anyone translated what the text actually says in broken Engrish?
    So who is that guy with the Canon camera! He’s got some sick twisted dreams!!

  • NK wouldn’t start a war – sure they’re delusional beyond our wildest imaginations, but this kind of stuff really only exists to keep citizens dumb and brainwashed about the world.

    I can’t even see enemies of the West supporting them during a hypothetical war. If NK decided to walk the walk I have a feeling their half a century old tech would result in them being wiped off rhe planet, despite their troop numbers.

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