Notch Made $101 Million On Minecraft Last Year, May Buy A Car With It

In 2012, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson took home 640 million krona — $US101 million — in licencing fees for the game, according to a report in the Swedish financial press. What's he going to do with that kind of money? Well, he tells Reddit, he may finally get a car.

"It's weird as fuck," he said, in a comment on r/games. "I grew up in a relatively poor family, but once I got a decent job, I never really had to worry about money. My hobbies were playing games and programming, so there wasn't any real drain. I could eat out when I wanted to and go to the movies without having to save up for it. I still had to save up for trips and to be able to buy computers or consoles, but that just felt normal.

"Now, all of the sudden, as a result of how modern society works, I managed to somehow earn a shit-ton of money. I still like playing games and programming, and once I had the latest computer and consoles, there really isn't much more to spend the money on than travelling. I might eventually get a driver's licence so I can buy a car."

After setting aside money to "make sure my family is comfortable" and spending some on "living out your dreams" Notch plans to make charitable donations, listing children's causes and information freedom among the ones getting his attention. He walks the walk, too. He's already given $US250,000 to the cause of reforming software patents and last year he gave the $US3 million in Mojang dividends he earned back to its employees.

Notch earned $US101 million USD from Minecraft in 2012 [Reddit]


    Wow.. That's a fair bit of cash he's earnt himself there. Good for him for actively wanting to go and get his license instead of hiring someone to drive him around.

    Better than Ozzy Osbourne who after 40 something years of being eligible for a license went out and got it. Though in Ozzy's case possibly a good thing he didn't get one when he was younger.

      I'd pay Ozzie not to get behind the wheel of a car, that's not going to be good for anyone.

        Be nice, now. He's held his license for a while now. He decided to get it when he turned 60 3 or 4 years back.

    Good on him if only all people with that kinda money saw things his way.

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