Nothing Says Valentine's Day Like A Circuit Board Made Of Chocolate

How romantic! Japanese computer peripheral maker I-O Data is teaming up with a confectionery maker named Maple House for a special campaign in which three lucky individuals will get chocolate that's shaped like a memory circuit board. Because additional memory looks delicious.

The boards are incredibly detailed and realistic — so much so that I-O Data is reminding people that you cannot put it in your computer! Each "Love Memory Board" is handmade, so it's impossible to mass produce them. Well, I guess it is possible, but it would be really freakin' hard!

The winners will be selected from shoppers on I-O Data's online site. The chocolate marks the company's 33rd year making memory components for computers.

増設メモリをチョコレートで精巧に再現 — アイ・オー、「愛のメモリーチョコレート」 [CNET Japan]


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