Now We Can All Pretend Our 3DS Is A Pokédex

I've never used the Pokémon compendium known as the Pokédex much in the Pokémon games, but the idea of having a physical Pokédex is still really cool. Sure, you could buy a toy Pokédex, or, you can put a decal on your red 3DS to make it look like one instead!

If you think the latter option is more appealing, here's a neat find via Tiny Cartridge: an Etsy shop that sells a Pokédex decal kit for your 3DS. 15 bucks a pop.

If you have some extra money you're itching to part with, you could even get the official Pokédex app, too. It's expensive, though.

Pokedex decal kit for red 3DS & 3DS XL [GameThemedThings's Etsy Shop, Via Tiny Cartridge]


    Great now I have to trade in my silver xl for a red one

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