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The other day I was having one of those conversations where everyone shows each other their scars and brags about the crazy accidents they've been in, the bones they've broken, etc. I have never broken a single bone in my body! I have scars and stuff, and I bruised some ligaments in my ankle once, but that's it! How about you? Anyone got any horror stories?

Despite the fact I've never broken anything my brother has broken everything. His wrist, nose, collar bone, jaw... he even had a fractured skull at one point. I've got a scar above my eye and one on my lip. That's it.

Let the bragging begin!

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    I fell 20 feet head first on to concrete when I was 5, and all I got was this lousy little scar on my temple.


        I slipped of a diving board hanging over a cliff/pool at my grandmothers neighbours house on xmas eve.

    While I've broken both bones in my right arm and dislocated my wrist all in one go, collapsing a lung 3 times is far worse.

    I may have broken a toe once. (totally hardcore, I know.) thats the only break...

    had to quit playing football (the proper kind) coz I busted up the ligaments in my left knee during a match.
    got a scar from falling into the corner of a table when I was learning to walk.
    got a scar on my forehead from getting whacked in the head with a thrown rock.

    thats about it. nothing too exciting.

    How about 46 broken bones all in One shot. Now that Huuurt!
    Still walking, still look normal and barely a scar to be seen.
    And still no drugs (medications) to be found here.

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      go on... how?

      It's just not right to post that without a story!

      More indepth story or it didn't happen!!!! (Was gonna say pics or that'd be too much lol!)

      Well it was a car crash with a stobie pole at 100km very late at night when something BIG hit my car that was not a car, but it was BIG said the enquiry and they never did find out what it was.
      It killed me but i made it back.
      My car was completely crushed.
      Broke my Arm, many places, Toes where crushed, Most ribs and Sternum, Skull various times, Cheek, Back in various places and a few less serious places,
      Docs said, "I think we found them all" lol
      3 minor operations and 3 years of Physio and now I am back and looking pretty normal, nature did the rest.
      I wanna be Dues EX though. Gimme my Robotic parts dammit. lol

    I broke my wrist at primary school running up some steps delivering the school newsletter

    My arm looked like a Z

    They gave me an icepack and sent me back to class

    My dad is much like your brother @markserrels

    He has a fractured spine, is actually missing the point from one of his elbows *fell out of a tree and smashed it*

    That man has broken everything

    Never broken a bone myself.
    Crashed a couple cars when i was a kid (wrote them off) walked away both times unhurt
    Many scars on my head from, marbles/scissors/concrete/metal grates in school.
    Small scar on my eyebrow (mate punched me when we was messing around)
    Small round scar on my thigh from a .22 round when i was 6
    Scar about 4 inch's long on my other thigh fell out of a tree and got snagged on a sharpe peice of wire on the way down.
    Scar on my chest from a kitchen knife wielding ex
    Small scar from a dropped knife in my upper thigh
    no feeling in the big toe of my right foot, sliced the tendons/nerves when i was a kid on somthing sharp in a swimming hole.
    Dislocated my left pinky finger playing indoor soccer
    Dislocated jaw during a altercation with a family member
    Compressed vertibrae in my back from Skating accident

    just a few off the top of my head, i lived a very exciting childhood :D

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      Scar on my chest from a kitchen knife wielding ex

      Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 0.0

    I've had a tonne of near misses, mostly caused by rampant stupidity and disregard for safety, but I've somehow miraculously avoided serious injury pretty much every time. The only time I've actually broken a bone was when the wind blew a door shut on my finger, and that's just lame.

    Broken collar bone from a Rammstein mosh.

    Slipped and fell playing baseball in high school and had spiral fractures in 2 of the bones in my palm. That was fun.

    Broken toes frequently.
    Cracked the back of my skull open when I was young.
    Broke some bones in my wrist thanks to a car accident.

    Here goes. Broken every single finger on both hands at least once, had a dislocated thumb for over 2 years (no one thought it was injured and i just had a funky thumb) fractured my skull at 18 months of age ending in major brain surgery, broken every toe at least once, had multiple instances of fractured ribs, had a fractured arm and hand. Thats all i can remember as far as broken/fractured things and it is all thanks to osteoporosis which i was diagnosed with at a very young age was told i had the bone density of a 94 year old at the age of 8.

      Was just about to make a joke about maybe drinking more milk and now I feel bad.. that sucks. take care of yourself.

        All good have heard it a number of times before and TBH i probably should drink more milk.

          So you're kind of like Mr Glass from Unbreakable? That sucks.

      too busy being a cool 80's guy to cure your boneitis...

    Fractured my skull when I was a kid....

    Fractured wrist skateboarding (used my hand as a brake), dislocated my left little finger twice (both different joints) and now I can't straighten my finger and there is still a small chip of bone in there loose. Apart from that nothing major so that is cool.

    I've got no cartilage in my knee but that doesn't impress the ladies so I don't make a big deal about that one ;)

    I don't know if this counts as a broken bone, but a couple years ago I dislocated my left knee which caused me to fall over, and the fall caused it to pop back into place, but then the knee swelled up heaps and when I went to see a doctor about it and got some x-rays they told me some bone had chipped off and was floating around in my knee. Had to have some surgery to fix it, and now I've got a pretty cool scar on my left knee.

    I haven't broken anything but I've got a few scars from injuries and operations.

    Fell off my motorbike at 15kph on the way home from passing my P's test. Broke my thumb :(

    Broke my right wrist two months before the ACT version of the HSC. That was a fun healing process.

    Oh, and I fractured a bone deep in my elbow once. Still can't straighten my arm fully, eight years later.

    And I've done something to my foot now. Don't think it's broken or anything, but there's some weird swelling and a lot of pain.

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    If it's just bones, my stories are pretty mediocre. I broke my arm when I was two from using my high chair as a rocking horse and I tipped backwards and my arm snapped on the corner of a cupboard. I've also got a mishealed rib from when I was in year 12 drama and was taking part in a stage fighting workshop and I got distracted and pushed off a wall too hard and landed on the edge of the stage before falling off ... that fractured 3 ribs. The next year when I was at uni, I was in a play and all the actors were doing bonding exercises and junk and I dived for a ball we were playing with knowing I'd fall safely on a gym mat in the corner ... some one yanked the mat away just as I jumped and I landed on concrete instead. fractured the same 3 ribs and I couldn't afford to go to a hospital for a while ... when I went they told me one of the ribs was pushed in a bit.

    Now if we're going general wounds. I've got a scar on my thumb from when a fish hook went through it. I've got double jointed ring fingers from when both my hands got flattened by my brother slamming a heavy wooden door on them (and I do mean flattened) I've got a burn mark on my wrist from a drop of molten solder that somehow jumped a meter from the soldering iron. I've got a scar on my inner elbow from when I had to have about half of the muscle and nerves in my arm removed because of an iv that came out of my vein and no one noticed for a few days. I've got a random hunk of muscle missing from my shoulder. I've got a lovely little scar on my leg from when I was bitten by a blue heeler, I've got a scar on my foot from when I accidentally kicked a pen and it got jammed in between my toes. I've stabbed myself with a pocket knife and had the blade go all the way in and last but not least, one of my front teeth has a little chip in it from when my brother punched me because he was playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 in my room at 3 in the damned morning.

    I've been pretty lucky, have only had green stick fractures on both wrists (at different times).
    Recently had a minor stress fracture from running with crappy shoes.

    i came pretty close to removing myself from the gene pool tho.
    Whipper Snipping with the blade on and cut through a high tensile fence. The fence wire cut straight through my jeans and into my upper leg... was very lucky,

    I was a really dumb kid. And basically this one time, when I was perhaps 7 or 8 I was playing on some playground climbing thing, tumbled over and landed on my wrist. I fell less than a meter and broke my wrist, because my full body weight fell on it. It literally was shaped like an S. Funny thing is I don't remember it hurting until I looked at it.

    The worst thing is, this playground was like a maze. The guy who got me out of there had to climb through all these tunnels and climbing bars designed for children, and then somehow get me back through all that crap.

    Yep, I broke my wrist because I fell about 2 feet or so.

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    I broke my arm when I was 9. I had been doing Tae Kwon Do on Friday nights for a couple of months and there was this one bully in the class, an older kid (12 or 13) who would always mess with the younger kids during breaks and whenever the instructors weren't watching. One Friday night, it was my turn. He kept shoving me (completely without any consideration for the actual martial skills we were supposed to be learning) and eventually I decided I wasn't going to put up with him or rise to it and turned to walk away.

    He leaped on me and grabbed me in a kind of bearhug from behind, trying to pin my arms to my sides. I reacted instantly, spinning counter-clockwise before he could tighten his grip around my much smaller frame, throwing up my left arm completely without thinking about it.

    CRACK. My left arm just above the wrist collided with the left side of his jaw just below his ear and both of us tumbled to the ground in opposite directions, clutching parts of our body. We may have blacked out a little. Neither of us could get up. but I think he was making more noise than I was. I lay on the floor for maybe an hour until my dad arrived to pick me up (my parents are divorced - I lived with my mother but it was his weekend with me). I don't remember where the bully went, I think he was able to get up and walk away after half an hour.

    It never occurred to me I was seriously injured, but I was very subdued and sore all weekend. When I was returned to the care of my mother on Sunday night, they agreed I was acting like a bit of a "lame duck", though they didn't seem particularly concerned. For the record, they were both trained nurses.

    On Monday morning I went to school as usual, and to be honest the pain had mostly subsided. We had a gardening project going on where each class had to try and do something with a patch of dirt, and Monday morning from 10 til lunchtime was our alotted gardening time.

    I grabbed a mattock and started churning some of the dirt so it could be mixed with fertilizer and we might be able to plant something in it. After about a minute I hit a chunk of concrete buried under the dirt, sending shockwaves up my arms and reactivating the pain in my left arm. I dropped the mattock and went to the teacher to complain my arm hurt. she gave it a glance and said "yes, it looks a bit swollen" and sent me to the nurse's office.

    My arm didn't hurt as mad as it had over the weekend so I don't know why my mother thought it was now appropriate to take me to the hospital, but one x-ray later it was confirmed I had a clean fracture of the ulna. At the time no one connected it to the Tae Kwon Do incident 3 days earlier, so for the rest of the school year I was known as the kid who broke his arm while gardening.

    The next day, my mother and I dropped by the school to explain my absence for the next few days. I will never forget the "bricks shat" face my teacher made when she saw my arm in plaster. I'm sure she thought we were going to sue the crap out of the school and get her fired or something.

    Anyway, I got to wear t-shirts and tracksuits to school for 8 weeks because I couldn't get my regular uniform shirt and jumper on over my cast, so that was pretty cool. Writing was a bitch though.

    Side note: my mother had a habit of sarcastically asking "are your arms broken?" whenever you asked her do do something for you, e.g.: "can you pass me that thing", etc. About 3 weeks after the cast went on we were at my cousin's birthday party and I asked her to pour me a drink. Naturally she asked "what, are your arms broken?" to which I replied "well... yes?".

    Side-side note: I had signed up for a local baseball team (I'd played tee-ball the previous year but was now too old for it) and broke my arm before the season actually started. I showed up for my first practice with my arm still in plaster and earned the nickname "Wingy", which as nicknames go, isn't too bad.

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    So hardcore that I broke my ankle playing netball.

    Have the plate and six screws to show for it to show for it.

    Yep, netball.

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      Thats pretty damned epic. I never knew netball was a full contact sport

        Contact... err..... That's right!

        It's not like it did it with nobody within 3 metres of me at the time...


      There's a lot of younger people where I work and many of them play sport. The most sick leave due to injuries is from Netball players. Generally ankles and knees.
      Yours definitely takes the cake though :P

    Fractured my pinky after some kid stood on it

    Broke my thumb in a car door (Classic Volvo as well, so I slammed it good!)

    Broken my little toe playing Warcraft 3... Yes, I broke a bone playing video games... my mum wanted a cup of tea, I was playing online, so I ran up and down the house to make... On one trip my foot swung wide and collided with the wall. Didn't actually realise until the next morning that my toe wasn't right because it was still hurting.

    When I was 7 I was convinced my mum must've bought transformers when she went shopping. I heard the car pull up and I bolted out the front door... Foot through the verandah and I slammed forwards face-first into the cement steps. Broke my nose. No transformers. My parents instead prayed that I would heal up.

    I also fractured my elbow because I was skateboarding while eating a donut. Not sure what happened but I woke up on the ground next to the donut. I re-fractured it trying to drop in on a quarter-pipe while my arm was in a sling. Then busted it again trying to play tennis too early.

    I broke my right tibia on a skateboard, and when I say broke, I mean shattered. My foot twisted around 180 degrees. Slightly painful. I was in a cast for seven months. I had to have my leg re-broken two months in because it was set wrong. On crutches for about 9 months. Three months physio after the cast came off, basically had to learn to walk again. My orthopedic surgeon said it was the worst leg break he'd seen in 35 years. Funnily enough never skateboarded again

    Also, I broke my big toe in a mosh at a Primus gig in the late 90's. Hardcore.

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