Off Topic: The Things You Hate

When I was growing up in the UK there was this cool show called 'Room 101'. Celebrities would appear on the show and the idea was this: they could nominate five things that really annoyed them to send to 'Room 101', the idea being that the thing they nominated would be sent into oblivion forever. Basically it was a show about people discussing things that really irritated them. It could be anything: a band, a tv show, a ritual — anything. I want to know what you would send to Room 101...

Here's an example: public toilet hand dryers that don't actually dry your hands. JESUS. Why do these things even exist? I'm talking about the automatic ones that have no wind force or heat whatsoever, forcing you to leave the public toilet with totally wet hands that feel weird. THE BLURST.

Here's another: people who don't wait for everyone to get off the train before piling themselves on.

Here's another: mosquitoes. WHAT DO THEY DO!

Okay, now you go!


    People who are intolerant of people from other countries, and the Dutch.

      +1 for "Better Of Ted" reference ... the Dutch lol

    +1 on impatient commuters pushing through the people getting off

    Addendum to this meagre list coming soon

    Also Mosquitoes, actually. they serve no ecological purpose and spread malaria. Without mozzies, we'd be better off.

      Mosquitos are food for many other creatures, so yes they have an ecological purpose. Same with flies and cockroaches.

      Doesn't make them any less annoying though.

        The creatures they are food for also eat flies and other bugs though, so without that one species we'd still be ok

    Now that Dyson has invented the Airblade, there is no excuse for old-school hand dryers to exist.

    What I hate? The piercing shriek of a child that is clearly just crying for attention or because it wants something. Not the crying itself, but that momentary whine just as the child begins to kick it into high gear, because you know that more is coming and that there is no merit to it whatsoever, and it's going to take several minutes before the parents manage to silence it or you're otherwise out of earshot.

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      excuse #1: Holy Crap Dyson Airblades are expensive.

      I looked at getting one for my house, but $2000 and upwards was a bit much for expediently dry hands.

      I'd consider paying 10k for a full body one though. if and when they exist.

      Excuse #2: they don't bloody work. Dyson airblade hand dryers always leave my hands less dry than a normal hot-air-blowing dryer. I've tried different speeds, angles etc. but they just don't work.

      The best hand-dryers ever (apart from towels, of course)?

      Australian company, their dryers don't blow *hard*, they blow *hot* and they dry your hands lickety-split without being obnoxious or ruffling your shirt. Any bathroom with them installed immediately gains points for having one.

        Ah, good ol' Roache. I concur. And you know what? They're QUIET, too!

        Actually, can I nominate "most of the shit Dyson cranks out"? Those air blades, in case anyone fails to notice, are friggin' LOUD. Hearing damage loud. Dyson rates its output at 84dB. 84dB. Odd value, no? Oddly precise, eh?

        Well, that's because many experts (the American OSHA, for example), state that 85dB is the threshold for the start of hearing damage, and that's when you have to start providing your employees with hearing protection.

        Every time I use one, I think back to Troy McLure and Dr. Nick Riviera selling the Juice Loosener: "DOCTOR, ARE YOU SURE IT'S ON? I CAN'T HEAR A THING!" "IT'S WHISPER QUIET!"

        Two, those "Air Multipliers" - that don't cause "unpleasant buffeting". FOR WHOM HAS THAT EVER BEEN A PROBLEM? A problem large enough to spend ten times the price of one of those nasty, buffetty fans, which don't bloody buffet anyway (I've got a forty dollar fan here, and I cannot feel the individual beats of the blades. It's like the goddamn Princess And The Pea of ventilation.)

        And they make a ring of air. So that large, ungainly, 40cm in diameter "Air Multiplier" (what, is it like a stud farm for air? Are we to believe that individual air molecules are gettin' it on inside there?) puts out about the same area of moving air as 15cm Big W desk fan. That costs a fraction of the price.

        Finally, seriously - FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS. That will get you a decent used air con.

    of other peoples cultures*

      bleh, was supposed to be in response to redartifice

        I was going for fast over accurate, but I'll accept the correction.

    People who don't wear deodorant of any sort on a hot day and stink like high heaven (I'm talkin to you guy in business clothes on train yesterday, how the hell do your work colleagues stand you??).

    General rule of thumb: If you can smell yourself, then you stink X 10 to those around you. $2 roll on can fix that in 30 seconds buddy!!!

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    K pop
    Mother in law
    Puplic transport
    Underbelly commercials
    Non french people that use french words

      Like metre, litre, theatre, and envelope?
      Yeah, screw those wannabe frogs.

        I never realised those words rhymed. This is a good day.

          Theatre does not rhyme with metre or litre, but those two do

          Or that may just be me accent slipping

      If I want to express abstractions that the English language either fails to cover, or which simply sounds boring in English, like mise en place or raison d'etre, I'll bloody well pull my baguette out of my arse and frog it up.

      Non french people that use french words

      Yeah - those Belgians are the worst!


    Extremists, whether it be political, religious or other.

      But now you're being intolerant of their intolerance and thus must be just as bad as they are!

      Why won't you let them discriminate freely? Why? Why are you such a horrible monster that hates freedom?

    Can't believe no-one has said it already...

    Video Games. (If we can just get rid of those we're guaranteed peace on earth)

      This is so true. Why do people still perpetuate the belief that there's some kind of artistic merit to these murder simulators? All they do is indoctrinate children into violent modes of thinking. I haven't seen one study that shows any violence has ever been able to be linked to anything other than video games.

    It's petty, but people who post "I see what you did there" get on my tits.
    You got the joke? Good for you, so did everyone else, you're not clever.

    People that play music on their phones on loudspeaker in public transport. What’s worse is they don’t realise their taste in music sucks and they should be ashamed.

      +1. From a stereo in a car or even a house is almost as bad, but on public transport is the worst.

    Room 101 still exists but they changed the format :(

    Today (like every workday) , my one irritance is other people on public transport. Particularly the grumpy nurse lady who thinks it's her god given right to kick me in the shins and glare at me like it was my fault in the first place.

    As to my hate, it would be the customer who behaves poorly out of some misguided notion that it is OK because they are the customer and we, as service people in "any" industry exist merely to heed their beck and call. This also extends to any situation where an arbitrary line exists dividing 2 different walks of life.

    Gaming related I would have to say the industry's inability to move on from "macho space hero with gravel in their throat for protagonist" when it comes to anything in a sci-fi setting.

    Also the guy who needs something to be black to be masculine and the person who needs a game to be devoid of colour or contain some manner of violence to be worth playing.

    Just a small, nagging detail.

    Isn't Room 101 a reference to 1984 where people are sent into a room where they have to face their biggest fears? So you aren't sending something you dislike into oblivion, you're sending it in to be tortured or even worse, sending it there in preparation for when you displease Big Brother.

    Life/Funeral Insurance ads, please stop running them if I see another smiling face trying to sell me insurance I might burst.

      The best thing about those ads is that they offer "no fuss" applications. That's because they assume the worst, give everyone significant loadings and then just put it straight through.

      I used to work for an advisor, the hassle of going to the doctor and dealing with an advisor can mean a difference of tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the policy.

      Those ads are not only terrible but the product they're selling is only worth it if you're nearly dead.

        Which is my plan anyway. When I can feel Death's cold fingers closing on my shoulder, I'm going to pick up the phone and rasp past my breathing tube that I need some coverage, pronto.

        Failing that, there are standing directions for my relatives to poison a tree so the council will bring out a crew to remove it, and hopefully bring a woodchipping machine with them. When no one is looking, they can use it to dispose of my remains. It's my dream that rotting hunks of my flesh will one day line a flower bed or children's playground.

    people who take their religious texts literally
    people who opress others due to religious reasons
    people who actively try and convert others to their religions
    religion in general

    - People who can't go an hour without checking their phone.

    - People who feel that they should have special treatment in public areas because they've bred.

    - People who use social media as a sort of inane running commentary of their life ("I'm out of bread!")

    - People who get offended at anything and everything.

    - People who get offended on behalf of people they feel might be offended.

    - People who use the word 'literally' when it's not.

    - People who believe their ratty clothes look good because they paid $200 for them.

    - People who are devoted to a brand or product.

    - People who cycle yet believe their safety is entirely the responsibility of motorists.

    - People who like Julia Gillard.

    - People who say 'cheer up' when I'm not smiling. I'm not frowning, this is my face.

    - People who believe tolerance is stifling the majority of the population's traditions and beliefs.

    - People who look down on people because of their hobby. They're having fun, and they're not hurting anyone - so what do you care.

    - People against gay marriage.

    - People who like Julia Gillard.

    - People who smoke weed and feel the need to tell everyone 'how stoned they are'.

    - People who dress several sizes too small.

    - People who make 99% of today's music.

    - People who are hipsters.

    - People who must take sides. I don't need to be one or the other, what's wrong with seeing good points in both?

    - People who sit on the fence for everything.

    - People who are politicians.

    - People who talk without saying anything.

    - People who can't answer direct questions.

    - People who decide programming on Australian TV.


      "- People who must take sides. I don't need to be one or the other, what's wrong with seeing good points in both?

      - People who sit on the fence for everything."

      I'm unsure as to whether or not you're trolling on that one, but I agree with just about everything on your list. I feel I should continue with a few things:

      -People who stare at my mouth while I'm speaking to them, only to look up at my eyes when I've finished my statement/question. If you have ears that are working, don't try to read my lips.

      -People who put eyelashes on the headlights of their cars. What in the living fuck gave you the idea that it was a good idea?

      -People who act like their more badass than usual because they have loud music on and know that you can hear their "awesome beats bru"

      -People who also act like their more badass than they actually are because they're surrounded by their idiot friends. Brodudes and macho meatheads take the cake on this one. Also, MOST (not all) Australian/Islander teenagers fit this bill. I'm not Australian. I'm American, so I've seen some "too cool for this shit" kids, but my god... I've not seen anything worse than some of the teenagers here in Aus.

      -Mothers who think it's completely ok to have their children rule the [insert area here] but get offended if anyone even kindly suggests they try to quiet them down. They're irritating and you need to do something about your little shitlins. I realize that you're a mother and life is hard but take some god-damn responsibility for your kids. Don't just respond with "YOU TELLIN' ME HOW TO RAISE MY CHILD?!?!??" - No, I'm telling you how to keep them from getting murdered by someone far less tolerant than myself.

      -Men who wear tank-tops (singlets, would be your familiar term here in Aus) that hang so loose, their salami nipples are waving at everyone. Good job, you're fit because you frequent the gym more than Mexicans frequent the shitter, but not everyone needs to see your useless male tits. Put them away and search for some self-respect.

      -Groups of girls (particularly schoolgirls on the train here in the Brisbane area) that have full on conversation consisting of "And then like [insert statement]" with responses that are slight variations of "OH MY GOD I KNOW!!!!". 'Nuff said

      -Teenage/young men who find that their speeding and silly ass driving antics are more important than the lives they put at risk by driving like fuck-heads. No, you don't look cool. No, women don't want to date you because your car is louder than an orgy of cats. No, going fast hasn't made you more attractive. You're an idiot and someday, you're going to ruin someones (or many peoples')life.

      -Any guy that thinks fighting is going to resolve whatever issue someone's had with them. Even if I got my ass kicked, it doesn't make me wrong. It makes you an asshole and a waste of skin.

      -Parents that control their children and their choices. Simple. Stop doing that. You're a shitty parent and you're only going to drive the wedge further between you and your child/ren.

      I'm sure there's more, but that's what I'm thinking of now.

      Good day!

      So.. people in general? :'P

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    - Stubborn stupid people who you know are wrong, yet no matter what its impossible ro reason with them.

    -Flies that insist on buzzing around your face and continue to land on the same spot. Especially when they get inside the house.

    -People who think being firm and standing up for yourself constitutes being "rude" - teenagers working at Blockbuster for.example.

    -People who drive at 40km/h in a 60 zone

    -Women who think they should be treated differently because they're good looking.

    Oh and most of all: A Current Affair, Tracy Grimshaw and Stephen Conroy.

    I'm a curmudgeonly old codger so I hate everything. What I especially hate though is when people won't share honest opinions, people who are intolerant of others and people who are unaccepting of alternate viewpoints. Basically I hate people who are jerks.

    Oh and I also hate the Rugs-a-million ads... seriously, how are they still in business? I felt so betrayed when the guy said he was leaving forever and got replaced by an even more annoying person.

    Five things I'd throw into Room 101:

    - iDevices...or anything made by Apple for that matter. In fact I'd just throw the entire Apple company in there.
    - People that seem to have a medical condition that causes the muscles in their legs to freeze up as soon as they step onto an escalator or travelator. Especially if they don't have the courtesy of moving to the side to allow the people who's legs function properly to get past.
    - People who say "haitch".
    - People who drive 20km under the speed limit. Especially the people who brake well before the street they need to turn into BEFORE they put their indicator on.
    - Games with the words "Halo" or "Call of Duty" on them.

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    Things I hate ... Quick Time Events, those annoying nicks and bruises that are really tiny but hurt like hell, bacon, weird flickering internet access and ... something I'll remember later

    Germans. And Judd Apatow.

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    Well I could go on for ever, but the thing that gets on my nerves so so very much, and if I was to ever transfer from video game player to serial killer people keep telling me so, my target will be

    People who act Dumb on purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate people using language incorrectly.

    - "Epitome" does not mean that something is high quality.
    - "Ambivalent" does not mean that you are apathetic.
    - "I could care less" also does not mean that you are apathetic. I could care less about your usage of this stupid phrase. Unfortunately for you, I don't.
    - "There was an ambient atmosphere". Um... the atmosphere was surrounding you? Maybe you should try the opposite, just for a comparison.
    - Improper apostrophe usage. As the meme says: "An apostrophe does not mean 'Holy shit! Here comes an S!'".

    Oh, and quick timer events.

      "I could care less" gets on my nerves as well. Many people don't even realise it means the exact opposite of what they are actually intending to say (ie, "I couldn't care less"), and when you point that out to them they spew some crap like "Oh the two terms are interchangeable now". NO THEY AREN'T.

      Also while we are on the topic, this fairly recent trend of people online saying "rediculous". That's not a word, people. Can't you see the red squiggly line underneath it when you type it in your browser? It's spelled "ridiculous".

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        Oh my God - fuck yes.

        I couldn't believe when I heard a character say "I could care less" in a Game of Thrones episode - they're supposed to be writers for Joffrey's sake!

        Firefox, by default, does not have a dictionary.

        Didn't stop me from installing one, though.

      Yes, I recently learned that I had been misusing "ambivalent" and I've been kicking myself ever since. Just checked the definition of "epitome" and while I've not been misusing it quite the same way, will have to keep an eye on that.

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