One Of The Most Underrated Racing Games Might Be Making A Comeback

Both the series and the studio kinda lost their way eventually, but for a while there, Bugbear's FlatOut — which combined ugly racing with brutal damage — was the most interesting thing in racing games. So it's nice to see them returning to their roots.

With what, exactly, I have no idea. This is just a teaser trailer, but it's got shitty old cars in it, and they're crashing into each other like nobody's business. So if it's not a FlatOut reboot, it must be pretty close.


    The mini-game multiplayer was brilliant. I've been hoping for a while that they'd make a new one.

    It's good to see bugbear back as the dev, i mean Flatout 3 was a disaster.

    I had reeeallly hoped this was about :(

      Man, how good was Powerslide? Definitely one of the best Aussie-made games ever. I had no idea it was on GOG, so thank you for that. Insta-purchase :-D

        I also now intend to spend the workday listening to the soundtrack.

    Best news ever. Flatout 1 and 2 are awesome...especially 1.

    Ahhh, is there a reason why I haven't heard of this game until now?? I remember Destruction Derby on the PS1. Now that was fun!!

    Flatout UC was the best overall game. I liked Bugbears latest ridge racer too.

    for the love of god, please have them make it without GFWL this time - was easily the worst thing about 3 :/

    how about a return of Psygnosis and Destruction Derby?! That would be sweet!

    Oh cool, I came into flatout late so would love to get involved when their is a community still playing

    This reminded me about destruction derby RAW, wish they would make another game like that again.

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