One PlayStation 4 Developer Has Seen The Future

This is Sucker Punch's Nate Fox, speaking at yesterday's PlayStation 4 launch event. For the briefest moment, between recounting tales of police surveillance and introducing his studio's newest game, the clouds parted. The future was right there. And suddenly, his world stopped.


    Classic Plunkett

      Luke, you had to have SOMETHING more interesting and news-relevant to post. this is just plain unprofessional and pathetic. you are destroying your personal brand!

    Perhaps he realised he wasn't a woman and was devastated by the sexism he was part of.....


    Thanks for letting us see the outside of an inside joke...

    Are you guys serious? Look at that guys face! I remember thinking pretty much the same thing when I was watching the event. That Nate guy is a little TOO passionate about his work.

    It's back to impersonating Captain Picard for you...

    Last edited 22/02/13 10:35 am

    that guy looked traumatized by something

      "Oh god... I've wasted my life."

    I like how he was all super serious about security taking away people's freedoms, and then he was like, "SUPERPOWERS!"

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