One Way Into My Heart Is To Call Your Game Leviathan Warships

Announced yesterday by publishers Paradox, Leviathan Warships is an upcoming game by Pieces Interactive. It's about... leviathan warships. Battleships, etc.

With a cute art style and a simple, deathmatch-style pitch, what could be most interesting is the fact it supports multiplatform multiplayer, boasting that PC, Mac, Android and iOS gamers can all face off against each other in the same battle.

[via TouchArcade]


    I also enjoy their maritime based puns on their twitter feed.

    Looks cool, like they took the ships from Supreme Commander. Having naval battles in that game was a lot of fun, but it was rarely if ever a game-winner due to the nature of the game.

      I don't know, getting a submerged air craft carrier full of tech 3 bombers undetected to within strike/refuel distance of the enemy base could win you the game.

      Which by the way was my favourite thing to do in that game. Nothing cooler than seeing a massive aircraft carrier breach the surface of the ocean and disgorge 20+ bombers in a few seconds.

      Last edited 03/02/13 10:54 am

        The games I played rarely got very far into tier 3 tech. The navy was still important, but most of the battle was won with tier 2 land and air.

    "Ships just got real" hehehe, awesome

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