Only 500 Of These Sexy Dead Space 3 Watches Will Be Made

Watches aren't so popular these days. I certainly can't think of a reason to wear one when my phone is right there in my pocket. But then I see slick-looking pieces like this Dead Space 3 one from EA and well, my phone seems like a piece of junk in comparison.

EA has this limited-edition treasure up on "Gear", its merchandise store and while the pictures are impressive, the price is not. $US265, plus an additional $US55 for shipping to Australia means you'll be out $US320, according to the suspiciously accurate Windows Calculator.

If it helps, it's the same watch worn by the game's protagonist, Isaac Clarke, a fact I'm sure will dismiss the bemused looks of your friends in those tense moments after the topic of price is mentioned.

Here are the specifics, from EA Gear:

  • Copper Stainless Steel Bezel — resistant to corrosion and staining — and composed of 316L NASA grade steel
  • Black Rubber Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle
  • Carbon Fibre (Dual Layer) Dial
  • Stainless Crown and Functional Protector
  • Each Laser-Etched Backcase individually numbered, with Dead Space 3 Logo
  • 47mm x 14.5mm thick Case
  • Japanese 3-Hand and Date Quartz Movement
  • 100m Water Resistant
  • 2-Year Warranty on all watches with customer/repair service through Meister directly.

The page mentions shipping is expected to begin from February 25, though the date is subject to change without notice.

CEC Engineer Class Timepiece [EA Gear, via Gamer Fit Nation]


    That's much cooler than their Mass Effect N7 watch, and about half the price.

    Will the watch also have micro-transactions that wind the watch for you?

    For $320, you can get a far better automatic Seiko or Citizen watch. It's also the price point at which some of the luxury watch brands begin retailing.

    Apart from the "NASA Grade Steel", this watch is nothing special...

      @ Tadmod: Actual entry level luxury watches start at $10,000.... not $320.

      WHAT????????? On what planet or century are you?
      Luxury brand watches below $1000 are either not proper luxury brands or proper watches.

        I think the term luxury has an ill-defined cut off. That said, if by luxury he means boutique Italian fashion houses, rather than the dedicated watch makers, he may be correct.

        I'm not talking about Tag's or Rolex's, I'm talking about Gucci's and Invicta's.

          You'd have to be an idiot to buy an Invicta though.

      For $320 you could also buy (in Australia) Dead Space 3 new, the online pass, all of the microtransactions, the 11 pieces of Day 1 DLC and all of the future DLC. Or alternatively you could buy 5 other brand new games that EA didn't make.

    Why would you spend so much money on a novelty watch? Chances are you'll realise it looks stupid and stop wearing it anyway. Get a good Seiko or Citizen watch if you're spending that much.

    Reminded me very much of these
    Only 500 avail, almost half the price of these, will def go up in value over the next 5 - 10 years if only for the avid collectors.

    Hey guys, hey guys hey guys!

    It looks like a shitty Panorai knockoff.

    $265 for a Watch, $320 after shipping here, and the thing comes with a Rubber Band not Leather?

    And who besides myself wears a watch these days?

      I do, but hell i wouldn't touch that unless it had a steel link band, rubber ones don't last and they stick to your skin witch is highly irritating.

    Rubber band ruins an otherwise great looking watch. Those bands just don't last at all...

    I like that watch, but I don't like the rubber band.

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