Ouya Gets Console Exclusive On Tim Schafer’s Big Kickstarter Game

Ouya Gets Console Exclusive On Tim Schafer’s Big Kickstarter Game

Tim Schafer’s Kickstarter-funded game, Double Fine Adventure, is coming to multiple platforms, but only to one console, CEO of upcoming Android Ouya mini-console Julie Uhrman said today at DICE.

Schafer’s game is one of 450 games planned for the system, Uhrman said. She added that Word with Friends co-creator Paul Bettner’s next game will be coming to Ouya as well.

Ouya is an Android-based gaming console and a Kickstarter success in its own right. The upcoming console earned more than $US8.5 million in crowdfunding last year. It stands to reason that games that are being made for Android will easily run on Ouya, so long as developers map Ouya gamepad controls to them.

Most recent Double Fine games have come to home consoles, but Uhrman said Ouya would provide the only TV experience for the game. You will also be able to play it on Android and iOS devices as well as PC, Mac and Linux.

We’re checking with Double Fine for further comment, but this quasi-exclusive seems to pretty much be the bypoduct of the nature of an Android-based console.

UPDATE: A Double Fine rep says that Schafer’s game, codenamed “Reds”, will count the Ouya as its only TV console on launch day. That seems to leave it open to come to other consoles after launch. But the rep says the studio currently has no plans for other console releases.


  • Up until now, my Ouya was a slightly foolish indulgence. Now, my choice to join its Kickstarter seems entirely rational and valid.

    And that scares me – Tim Schafer should not be able to validate my choices in life so easily.

  • At current rate the Ouya seems like a better idea than the PS4 and next XBOX.
    At least their will be a wealth of games available, and if we’re lucky the same version will run on the phone and the Ouya… now if only google would make some sort of app syncing possible so the save from the phone would be synced to your other android devices… that would be awesome… Play FF3 on the phone on the way home, then on the TV with a real controller, and so forth, with your progress synced between them…

    It probably wouldn’t be hard for them to do, but I doubt it will ever happen (it would be far too usefull)…

    • Wouldn’t be hard to do at all, would just need the save data to sync to the google cloud. So when you save on the console, it saves to the cloud, then you laod the game on your phone and bring the data back down form the cloud and continue playing. Same as how steam syncs save data with some games. 🙂

      • If you knew where the save data files are kept on your Android and Ouya, you could use Google Drive to do it automatically for you.

  • This article highlights a question that’s been bugging me for a while now. Why is the Ouya called a “console”? It can be hacked (to run your own homebrew and custom hardware), and does not run games exclusively. It is at the basic level a media device and with a little effort, a micro computer. Is it because it uses your TV as an output? If so, my PC is a console because I hook it up to my TV and play games on it. Is it because the Ouya has a controller? If so, my PC has a 360 controller plugged into it, so is it a console? Is it because it uses a low power chipset? If so, is my tablet a console too?

    I’m not being snide or anything towards the Ouya. It’s good to see these low cost options for computing come out. I just don’t get why the name “console” has been attached to it when it doesn’t really fit the definition.

    • Why is the Ouya called a “console”? It can be hacked (to run your own homebrew and custom hardware), and does not run games exclusively.

      What exactly do you mean by that last part? Do you mean that there are no games exclusive to Ouya? Because I’m pretty sure there will be. Or did you mean it does more than just play games? Because if that’s the case, that’s every console on the market right now… All consoles these days do more than just play video games.

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