Patent Application Points To New PS Vita With HDMI And USB

A patent application filed last year describes a new PlayStation Vita configuration which includes HDMI and USB support.

The application was published on February 7. That image above was included in the filing, dated July 27.

Sony, of course, has an event scheduled for February 20 at which the next PlayStation console is expected to be formally revealed. If there's a new handheld configuration, it could be announced there as well.

Update: We've heard from someone familiar with the Vita's development hardware that this could be the patent application for the devkit.

A Sony representative has told Kotaku the company does not comment on patents.

New Sony Patent Reveals New Ports Coming to PS Vita [PatentBolt via NeoGAF.]


    It would be hilarious if the Feb 20 announcement is only about this new Vita, so much unfulfilled hype will miasma the air we breathe.

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      It will be, but it won't really be Sony's fault since they never suggested it was a new console. I kind of feel sorry for them if it wasn't intended to be, they'd almost feel pressured at this point to show the PS4 regardless.

        Yeah It's definitely been a media hype train with no evidence.

        But if it isn't PS4, Sony should really come out and say it before they get the same media writing bad stuff about them

      Ha, I was gonna post something to this effect but you have done so far more eloquently than I had in mind, well done good sir.

      If it weren't the PS4 then Sony would have nixed that rumour by now just to prevent their presentation from falling flat. Let's face it, if they show up with anything else on Feb 20, the news won't be "Sony Unveils New XXXXX", the news will be "Sony Doesn't Unveil PS4", which isn't really very useful publicity for them. So yeah, it'll be the PS4.

    I realise it's just a rumour at this stage, but why would they waste (more) money on upgrading the PS Vita, when the standard model has shown such poor sales... it needs more quality titles, not this nonsense.


      OMG I am sick of hearing this excuse from the people who "want a Vita but can't justify it" - there is never a dull moment using the machine. Open your eyes - THERE ARE PLENTY OF QUALITY TITLES

        +1 You sir, have your head screwed on. Vita la' Revolution!

          Agreed. I love my Vita. I have loads of great games for it and the features are just brilliant. I wish more games supported remote play. When i'm not using it for games, it's my MP3 player and internet explorer. I love it to bits. And considering it can play any digitally released PSP game instantly gives it a backlog of awesome titles. People need to stop being shit and actually look -_-

        I bought a Vita recently, and agree it has loads of good games.

        But you have to recognise that it has a very real perception problem. The majority of gamers consider the Vita to have no games and no prospect of games. Sony needs to fix this.

          That's because of gaming sites, like kotaku, stating that it has no good games every chance it gets. Despite quite a few Vita games being on the writers top games of 2012.

            Sony have also abandoned the marketing campaign for the platform for all intents and purposes. They really don't seem interested in keeping it visible to the consumers.

        Stop. Think. Is your "quality" equal to that guy's "quality"?

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          The handful of people to comment after my comment would suggest to most that I was more on the ball than he way

          Check out the latest (shudder) issue of Hyper - there are two Vita games with a score of 9 (I know reviews and scores are subjective, but there are plenty of quality Vita games)

          Before I lost my Vita (stupid enough to leave it on a plane... sigh) my 16gb card was chock full of Vita and PSN games - with a few tasty ones on the horizon.

          I'm not getting the Vita hate.. I really aint... great machine and a hell of a lot of fun

            I'm getting one. I always wanted one. I just didn't feel comfortable with the line-up of Vita originals. What's really sold me is the back catalogue of old PSone games and PSP games on the US store.
            I'm sure there will be more original Vita content in future, but so far to my tastes theys slims pickin's.

            So you understand, that I understand why someoone would say that and be correct from their point of view.
            (There's a metric eff-tonne of Japanese Vita games that I like the look of that haven't been localised)

        I want MORE quality, I agree it has a lot of great games, but there doesn't seem to be anything on the horizon that has me psyched about it's future. I enjoy playing FPS so I held high hopes for Resistance and COD, they they both turned out to be shit. I haven't heard a thing about Bioshock and I'm praying Killzone doesn't turn out to be another dud.

          More Quality?

          Dont we all... but it has the quality now, which is the point I am trying to make (badly)

        OK, Dans. List them.

        All I can see are Uncharted and Gravity Rush. But 2 is far from plenty.

          Everybody's golf, Sound Shapes, Army Corps of Hell, Blazblue CS:Extend, Touch My Katamari, Wipeout, , Rayman Origins, PSAS:BR, Persona 4, Disgaea 3 aaaand the mind-blowingly-good Super Stardust Delta.

          I think you should also take a look at the PS back catalogue and the games that aren't Vita originals (for instance Mortal Kimbat, which is the Kimplete version including an extra 150 missions and Sonic Racing Transformed) and remember that it's offering the same game, but portable.

            While backwards compatibility is a good feature, you still need solid exclusives. Thus PS1 games and PSP games on a Vita do not count.

            Ports do not count either. The idea of a exclusive is to drum up attention and justify the purchase. And like the PS3 before (and almost an resounding echo of the 3DS), the PS Vita is deficient in the exclusives department.

              Stop changing the issue - this isnt about "exclusives" - the original comment was about lack of "quality titles"

                No issue changing. For the Vita to stand out it needs quality titles of its own (hence exclusives).

                If the titles are ports/emulations from prior platforms than they are a in support of their original platforms and not the current hand held.

                As they say in chess, checkmate.

                  I disagree

                  That said, I respect your opinion and can see why you wouldn't want one ;)

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                  Actually, I do have one. How else do you think I know about Gravity Rush?

                  I love the idea of being able to shift gravity, but who's the smart alike that allowed an auto-camera, accelerometer and right stick all be stacked on top of each other?

                  There are some crazy people behind the camera controls!

              Soul Sacrifice looks like an awesome exclusive =/
              Also, two Uncharted games, as well as being able to Play MGS2 and 3 HD. Little Big Planet, Assassin's Creed Liberation, Atelier Totori and Mereru, Bioshock, CoD - Black OPs Declassified, Mortal Kombat IX, NFS - Most Wanted, Oddworld - Munch's Oddysee/Stranger's Wrath, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus 1 and 2, Persona 4, Phantasy Star Online 2, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII, Rayman Origins, Shin Megami Tensei, Sine Mora, Rainbow Moon, Sly Cooper - Thieves in Time, PS Battle Royale, Street Fighter X Tekken, Tales of Graces R, Tales of innocence R, Ultimate MVC 3, Y's - Foliage Ocean in Celceta, Zone of the Enders HD..

              with games on the way like..

              Final Fantasy X HD, Dragon's Crown, Demon Gaze, Dead or Alive 5 Plus, Stein's Gate, Valhalla Knights III..etc

              There are PLENTY of QUALITY (and VITA ONLY) titles.

              But lets have a look at the back log of PSP games
              Final Fantasy IV collection (featuring 3 games), Megaman X Maverick Hunters, Megaman X Powered Up, Metal Gear Solid Portable OPs, Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, Harvest Moon..etc

              I would've continued but i'm bored justifying things.
              Obviously there are many more PSP games (and there are a LOT more then Vita atm) but there are also PS Mobile games and PSX releases..
              Regardless, they don't make memory cards big enough for anyone to get all of these games anytime soon. Eitherway Vita is packing. I don't regret it at all and in fact it is one of the more sound investments i've made in the last 10 years.

              If you don't have one and have been thinging about it, hit it up. Sure it's a bitch having to get a memory card, but when it occurs to you that memory cards = interchangable hard drives and you can store all of your games, it makes them well worth it. They're like blank DS carts that you fill yourself with multiple games.


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          Then you are really not looking hard enough

          Besides what both andre and jimu have added:
          Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
          DJ Max Technika
          Hatsume Miku Project Diva
          Jetpack Joyride (yes its fun - play it with the Vita)
          The Pinball Arcade
          Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
          Escape Plan
          Attack of Mutant Blobs

          Maybe my tastes are different to yours (no doubt they are) and some of these are multiplatform, but they are stuill quality games on the Vita - and thats the debate here

          BTW - if you consider the Vita Uncharted game to be only one of the two quality titles, then I know you havent been looking hard enough

          There's also access to the Playstation Mobile game store as well - and there were a few nice games there as well from indie developers

            Just for reference, I plan on buying a Vita & the only original Vita game I like the look of is Persona 4 (which is in fact an enhance PS2 port)

    IF this is true, then it would be a bit of a dick move to early adopters. This isn't like the 3DS where you can tack on an extra circle pad as a paid accessory. I may not be a marketing analyst, but I can't see how excluding your relatively narrow target audience would be a smart investment. Fingers crossed it's just a rumour.

    I'd buy that for a dollar!

    When I saw someone try to pass of the devkit diagram from the manual as a patent for the next Vita, I just knew Kotaku would jump the gun on newsworthiness without double checking.

    There is rumor of a 4G Vita coming out soon, for the same price as the 3G one, but that's not the reengineered Vita coming out later in the year.

    Eh, i'd just trade in. That's the magic of memory cards. You don't have to delete everything. Just your PSN details ^_^

    I just had a crazy thought, what if Sony were to copy Nintendo and re-engineer the Vita to work with the PS4 like the table controller for the WiiU?

    Another +1 for the Vita here - I love mine.
    There is something about shiny new tech, but the Vita does actually have quite a few good games exclusive to it (listed above by fellow posters), plus the massive back catalogue of PSP, PSX games is excellent.
    I paid $52 during Christmas break for 12 months PSN+ subscription on Vita and PS3 - the damn thing has already paid for itself in less than 2 months.
    I also bought FF I, II, V, VI, VIII, IX + Tactics on sale.
    The Vita emulates these games beautifully, and allows bilinear filtering plus a user customisable screen size - very thoughtful :)
    This will be the year of Playstation gaming for me.

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