Penis-Powered Controller Looks Familiar

Penis-Powered Controller Looks Familiar

Upcoming erotic game Custom Maid 3D will be bundled with a very special controller. It looks like the PS Move, but with a few key differences — one of which is you put penises in it.

Dubbed Ju-C Air, the peripheral is a wireless masturbation toy that will respond and react in real time to your stroke speed and depth, making this motion control of a very particular sort. Those motions will also cause the in-game characters to react accordingly too, with different characters reacting, um, differently. OK then!

The Ju-C Air peripheral (see below) also has an analogue stick and an action button as well as a right and a left click. This means that players don’t even have to take their hands off their penis while playing. That’s called knowing your audience.

Japanese erotic games, while incredibly niche, are a hotbed of smart ideas that range from upskirt head tracking and object detection to masturbation stat tracking. There’s one word for this, and that’s INNOVATION. (Well, there are several words, but let’s stick with that.)


Custom Maid 3D goes on sale February 22 for ¥13,440 ($144).

Custom Maid 3D [NSFW]


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