Perhaps The Worst (Or The Best?) English Translations Of 2013

Living in Asia, you get used to mangled English. It stops being a source of amusement, and you can feel empathy for those trying to express something in another language. Then, every once in a while, you see something that makes you stop and go "what the f**k?". Today, literally. NSFW content ahead.

The website of the Capital Fitness Club in Guangzhou is amazing. As The Nanfing points out, the website's translations are off — way off.

Clicking on the "Group Fuck course" (bwah?), takes you to several different options, including "Fight F**k", "Pedal F**k" and OH MY GOODNESS "Barbell F**k".

If you click on the "Fight f**k" link, you get this picture.

"Barbell f**k" brings up this picture.

Lifting weights in water doesn't sound safe. But thankfully, I don't see much f**king! Here's why: the Chinese character "cao" (操) can mean "f**k" (as in "F**k your mother"), but it also can mean "to grasp", "to hold" or "to control", and can be translated as "exercise".

So "Group F**k" is actually "Group Drills", "Fight F**k" is "Kickboxing", "Barbell F**k" is "Barbell Exercises", and "Pedal F**k" is "Step Aerobics". And do you know what mind f**k is?

Capital Club [Official Site via The Nanfang]


    I tried to sign up for the "Group Fuck Course" but was gravely disappointed...

    People complain on here about tenuous links to gaming. Here's one.

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