Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Is Out On PSN Today

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, the second-second game in Atlus's twisted demonic series, is out on the PlayStation Network today.

A brief explanation: Persona 2 is actually two games: Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Both were released on PlayStation, then re-released for the PSP. While the PSP remake of Innocent Sin was brought to North America, Eternal Punishment's PSP version never made it here.

But you can still play it today! Atlus has just released the PlayStation version of Eternal Punishment in English on PSN, and you can buy it on PS1 Classics for $US10. Cheers for digital distribution!

So what happened to the PSP remake? When I asked Atlus about it a few months ago, they wouldn't comment. And in a post on the PlayStation Blog today, Atlus editor Nich Maragos says they couldn't release it because of "unusual circumstances".

Strange. Maybe one day we'll find out what happened. For now, Atlus has got more story details up at the PlayStation Blog, so head over there if you want to hear more on Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.


    This better be relevent to AU PSN or i swear im kicking Kotaku in the nuts.

      Relevant to the many, many people with US PSN accounts as well as Aus ones.

        That may be so, but the vast majority of us do not. And seeing this is Kotaku AU, it would be nice for them to clarify.

          Vast majority? what are you basing that on. Half the people I know have US accounts.

            Well then you have a very clever circle of friends. But it still doesnt say anything about the wider community, many oh whom read Kotaku. All im saying is that this is an Australian site and if they write, or repost from the U.S, an article about a new release on PSN they should at least mention if its available here through normal means.

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