Persona 4's Chie Is High-Kicking Onto Your Desktop

Oh look. Just in time for my delayed-thanks-to-a-late-PAL-release playthrough of Persona 4 Golden. It's a terrific figure of Chie, the game's loud-mouthed arse kicker.

She comes with two outfits, glasses and a strangely absurd price tag; ¥9400 ($100) is a lot for a 1/8 scale figure that doesn't really do anything.


    She's not loud mouthed! They changed the voice actor XD

    Although she's actually really good once you get used to her.

      Agreed - she was pretty awesome

      But wheres the Rise figure....

    Nice. Pro tip > if you finish P4 at only 50 hours like some reviewers, then you're playing it wrong.. i.e. accepting one of the red-herring endings.

    Waiting for preorders to open. She's also exclusive, which makes her more expensive to obtain >__

    i saw the yukiko figure in a store and was seriously tempted to get it, they're great quality

    I'm still waiting for Persona 4 Arena... I'm beginning to question myself why, though.

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