Planescape: Torment Designer Plays Old RPGs For Our Amusement

The latest update for development studio Obsidian Entertainment's Kickstartered RPG Project Eternity isn't about Project Eternity at all.

Instead, it's a solid 57 minutes of veteran game designer Chris Avellone playing the old role-playing game Arcanum, which is both entertaining and fascinating, even if you haven't played the game. Avellone simultaneously plays the roles of foulmouthed YouTuber and insightful game designer, and the resulting product is really fun to watch. (Although it'd have been nice if the video was in HD.)

Check out the whole thing above.


    The reason he's doing it of course is that during the Kickstarter campaign it came to light that he'd never played the game before and there was an agreement made with the pledgers that if a certain amount was reached in a certain time frame, he'd play it and video it.

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