Playing Borderlands 2 On Nvidia's Project Shield

Nvidia's Tegra 4-powered Project Shield handheld will be great for playing Android games, but the real draw is streaming PC games from your GeForce PC to the handheld and playing anywhere in your house. I can't wait to play Borderlands 2 in the bathroom without a laptop burning my bare legs.

I'm surprised they didn't film this video in a bathroom at Nvidia, though it is the first in a weekly series, so there's still time.


    Maybe it's just the video but this makes the shield thing completely pointless.

      how so?

        Well I would rather play on the PC that is not 1 metre away.

          You dont like squinting at text?

            I have legs and can walk several meters to my PC where I play games. If Im in a room with other people I should probably be interacting with them and not ignoring them whilst playing games by myself.

            Im not really sure what the point of this is........

          he was only that close to show you what happens on the pc when using it as far as i'm aware... it runs off wifi so as long as you've got a good (i'd say extremely good) wireless connection to your local network you can use it much further away/anywhere in the house... its essentially a form of remote desktop/vnc/one of the many others optimised for gaming

          if i'm wrong, please someone correct me... but it seems you've misunderstood how this all works

            I figured it is remote as well, though in my experience, remoting from a real world example say when I am on my lunch break at work, the connection would be terrible. I know the GEN1 version cannot play it but it can play some games and that's why I am getting a Surface Pro.

    I still love this idea, but seeing the controls in use make it look like a terrible layout, especially how close the analogue sticks are. The screen looks too small for me, too.
    Having said that there's a good chance I'll end up with one, dependant on price.

    Great stuff Nvidia!

    I was honestly concerned about display lag and input lag but this seems spot on.

      THIS! I am still amazed at how non existent the lag is! its bloody amazing! Now we know thats not an issue, they need to be able to pop out and swap the d-pad and left thumb stick if you want (like the mad catz MLG) so if you want the xbox feel you can as those thumbsticks look rediculously close together and unconfortable!

    and they call WiiU crazy streaming enabled gaming..... well look whos doing it now

    Said it before and I'll say it again, put this tech in a sling box and I'm in. I don't want the silly handheld.

    Cool tech, but that is one ugly unit.

    i'm really looking forward to this, i'd love to see coffee shops and public transport "steam enabled" in the states, that would be great, eventually its popularity would cause it to be common place and you could play current gen on the go.

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