PlayStation 4 Can Share Video, Includes Facebook Integration, New Dashboard

PlayStation 4 Can Share Video, Includes Facebook Integration, New Dashboard

It had been speculated for a little while, but Sony just made it official: a big part of the PlayStation 4 will be a “share” button. It plays a big part not just on the dash and in your games, but in the way your friends lists are managed as well.

Your friends list can be expanded to include accounts from third-party services like Facebook, including real-world names and profile images. You can record and share videos and screenshots, including streaming your content live. You can access the PS4's online services not just from your PS4, but from phones and tablets as well, queuing up downloads and messaging friends.

Much of this is handled via a "share" button right on the front of the control pad. You can see an example of the PS4's user interface above and below.

[image url="" link="lightbox" size="xlarge" align="center"]
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  • Not bad, one of the things I loved about the Wii U was sharing photos. Video is the obvious next logical step. Interested to see how easy it is to upload and how to do this with Sony’s interface.

    I would hope its not recording in your default display resolution though? That could be some hefty files..

  • I think that one great use of this would be to purchase a game digitally on your phone while you’re out, and have your PS4 at home start downloading the title, so when you arrive home the game has already started the download and you can jump in even sooner. This would also help with slower internet speeds and give the downloading a head start before you start playing.

  • I like the idea of being able to put your FB friends on there. M$ tried something similar with their Facebook app but it so clunky noone used it.

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