PlayStation Live Blog: Get Porridge, Get Hype

Okay dokey, welcome to the Australian Live Blog of this PlayStation thing I've been hearing so much about. Above this post is the stream itself! We've separated them so you don't have to constantly refresh the video to get the live blog! Get porridge, get hype!

Porridge picture from Shutterstock

9.30 So, how we all feeling in here? What are we expecting? What do you want to see, what do you not want to see? Let us know in the comments below!

9.35 And while we're waiting, you might want to check this out!

Okay, that's my first and final cheap link!

Also — lol Lambomann: "My porridge is ready!"

9.37 Do I have time for a last minute pee?

[Thinks about it...]


9.40 So how do you guys and girls take your porridge? I'm a milk and honey man. My Dad still bloody puts salt on his like it's the bloody highland clearances — seriously.

9.48 I'm currently drinking a big glass of water. This is a mistake. What if I need to pee. What if I need to peeee.

9.56 (Don't worry everyone I will totally stop talking about porridge once the event starts. I've just eaten a lot of porridge today and want to share my enthusiasm. I've had two bowls already. It's crazy...

9.58 And now we have SOUND. HNNNNNNNG. Damn this shit be funkyyyy.


[Gets the quickening]


10.01 This video is cool and I like this song.

10.02 If they throw in a KAZ Train GIF I swear to God I'll spontaneously combust...

10.03 The house always wins.

10.06 The ability to share and connect is important. MIGHT BE TALKING ABOUT DAT SHARE BUTTON.

10.07 PS Vita? Hmmm. This could be a long conference... now he's talking about Sony expanding to tablets and mobile.

10.08 This would be way better if it was House MD.

10.08 Where is my next generation porridge?

10.09 PS4! Alright, at least it's definitely being announced.

10.11 Casual man! He's cool and casually dressed. He can relate to you, the video game consumer.

(I'm not a fan of that shirt.)

10.13 Talking about all the devices we own. I'm guessing we'll be able to control the PS4 with tablets and such like. No brainer really...

10.15 This is important. Sony wants to make developers happy. Devs were not really happy with the PS3. Actually, the tech on PlayStation has always been hard to work with, according to the developers I've spoken to locally.



10.18 So the controller is the same thing we've seen before. Almost a little bit disappointed, but I suppose it's a massive branded thing. Difficult to change. And the share button is real. That's cool.

10.20 So, this is the first PlayStation 4 game in action I suppose. This looks like it might actually be quite fun. I like the idea of shape shifting. Urgh, rubbish name though.

10.24 I really, really like all this talk of quick loads, suspending play, etc. This is a huge barrier to me as a parent, and as a human being. It's one of the main reason I spend a lot of time playing mobile games. Good stuff.

10.25 The idea of video sharing has been around for a while. I honestly don't know how important it is. I don't think it's a game changer in anyway. It'll probably make my job easier though, so there's that!

10.27 This guy looks like he hasn't slept in the last 15 years.

10.29 And so the human version of Gollum leaves the stage. PS4 sounds interesting. I'm glad that ease of use in terms of turning things off, the ability to easily pause and return to games. Liking it so far.

10.31 Oh, the PlayStation will get to know me. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN! Also, being too visible online when gaming isn't necessarily something I want to do. I wonder if you guys, and particularly girls, feel the same...

10.33 A tall handsome, well dressed Dave Perry is now explaining how the share button works. "Users can virtually watch over your shoulder... trash talk them..." and you can get advice and TAKE OVER YOUR CONTROLLER? Wow. That is actually pretty cool!

I like some of this stuff. And I'm not sure about the other half. Interesting nonetheless.

10.36 I wondered how long it would take until folks started talking about PS Vita connectivity. I guess it makes sense, but I don't even know where my PS Vita is right now. In my bedside cabinet I think!

10.37 The want to make every game play on the PS4 transferable to the PS Vita. That sounds insane. I'll believe it when I see it, etc.

10.39 I'm starting to get a little bit antsy here. I would like to see some games please. This is a games console.

Oh, I spoke too soon. Looks like the games are coming up now...

10.42 Randy Pitchford looking for something 'elegant' — I think that's a good word. It suggests a depth beneath the simplicity. That's the kind of thing I'm looking for in games, it's what these guys are looking for in terms of architecture I suppose.

The idea of immediacy is important. There's a lot of competition for my time nowadays.

10.45 This is all just buzzwords really. Time to get to the meat of it for real. I've heard enough buzz words to last me a lifetime.

10.46 Semi-casual guy. He's casual. But not too casual, so you know he means business!

10.47 Okay dokey — seems like the games are coming. Good stuff.

Oooh, a new Killzone game?

10.50 This looks good. Difficult to tell how good. But yeah, it's still Killzone. And I actually quite like Killzone.

Actually I take it back, this looks pretty fantastic. Large scale stuff. Pretty epic — hate that word, but it makes sense in this context. Massive battles, explosions. High fidelity obviously. It all looks pretty good. The zooming out of the city thing is incredible to be fair. Reminds me of that brilliantly large scale Halo: Reach level, but bigger.

But ultimately, I'm a little tired of shooting people in the face.

10.59 Sorry Chrome just crashed on me. Bloody hell Chrome — you had ONE JOB!

11.00 Alright, not really feeling enthusiastic about another shooty game and another racey game. Maybe I'm just dead inside.

11.02 Alright we have the shootey game and the racey game. Where's my punchey game?

11.05 Serious man is serious. He went to a rally when he was a student once. SERIOUS BUSINESS.

Oh wait, no. Superheroes!

11.06 Sucker Punch game! About superheroes. I take back my cynicism! I take it all back!

11.07 It's actually an Infamous game, and I think that's it from Sony, for first party at least. Seems like it.

11.09 Oh wow, bringing on Jonathan Blow. Taking the piss out of explosions. Urgh. Why does he have to be so pompous all of the time.

But yeah, I'm really excited about The Witness. Been looking forward to this for a long time. Hopefully we'll get some sort of actual demo.

11.14 Looks great — got the whole puzzle upon puzzle making a bigger puzzle thing. Love the art style. No idea what's going on to be perfectly honest but looking forward to it. Nice antidote for the all the generic stuff.

11.15 Looks like David Cage isn't here to show off a game, just to talk shit. Fine by me I guess. It's easy to take the piss, but I like what he does and I'm interested in what he has to say at all times.

11.18 David Cage is showing off a character model that I simply refuse to believe will be in any game. No way. That's just far too detailed for real. Looks amazing though.

11.20 Alex Evans from Media Molecule is on stage talking about how he want to let us record our dreams. This just got 'emotion engine' levels of weird.

11.22 They're going to make us use the Move controller to record our dreams. Really. REALLY? THIS IS A HARD SELL ALEX!

11.23 And there it is. I really need to pee. ARGH!

11.24 Back to the programme — I really don't know what this Media Molecule thing is, who it's for, what it's for? What's going on here. Not a good presentation if you ask me.

11.26 Jesus christ. It's like they want people to make GIFs of the conference. Have they become self aware? Are they deliberately trying to create GIFable moments?

11.27 Yoshinori Ono is onstage being absolutely insane as usual. This guy is amazing. I have no idea what he is talking about. Not Street Fighter though apparently.

11.30 Sorry, seriously had to run to the toilet. I promise I washed my hands... or did I!

11.31 Alright, back on topic — new engine from Capcom. Looks like they're using it to build new IP. Brilliant. It looks like Dark Souls! This is a good thing!

Pre-rendered footage. Has to be.

They're also hinting at the social integration thing with a message from... Blanka?

11.35 Oh, Square Enix — maybe this means... no, it can't be!

Well this demo looks very pretty. Great action, blah blah blah. But it tells us precisely nothing. Cool world building though. Is this something Square Enix are actually working on?

11.40 This tell us nothing about anything. It's useless. It's not even a game announcement. It's just... random images really.

I guess it looks pretty.

11.42 I think I'm probably just being a little too cynical. Can't help myself. To be fair — this is about as much as you probably could expect from a launch like this.

11.45 Oh hell yes, they're about to talk about Watch Dogs. Yes, been waiting for this. PORRIDGE HYPE.

"You're going to be able to control ALLLLLLLLLL OFFF ITTTTTT"

Goddamn this guy is terrifying.

11.48 Alright this is cool. I'll type more once it's done!

11.51 Okay this feels like something I can legit get excited about. Really clever with how it presents info, super interactive. Feels like a proper leap forward in terms of design and visuals. Very, very excited about this game. At one point the main character actually hacks a train, stops it, gets on top and then starts the thing again. Just clever, wish-fulfillment stuff.

11.57 Personally I think Diablo III coming to consoles this late in the game is pretty underwhelming to be perfectly honest.

11.58 Oh I think he's talking about Bungie!

11.59 Of course I was right!

12.00 Something about Destiny just isn't sitting right with me. I want to be excited but I'm just not there yet. I need more information on this game to be perfectly honest.

12.02 Destiny will have exclusive content on the PS4. But what does that mean? There will most likely be other exclusive content on other platforms. Urgh. I just like complete things, is that so wrong?

12.05 Just a release date — HOLIDAY SEASON. No price.

Okay, that's it. Thanks for hanging around with me, it's been fun. I don't even mind the vocal minority porridge haters. You're still alright in my book!

There's plenty more PS4 news kicking about the site, so have a look around. See you all later!


    That looks like a hot bowl of vomit.

    Last edited 21/02/13 9:33 am

    a Final Fantasy 7 Reboot as a launch title?

      They've already said they're not doing that until they release a new FF title that is as well received as the series used to be.

        Simple - they just have to make one as good as the series used to be.

      So they can ruin it?

      Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

        Haha, yeah a bad FFVII remake would really be doom for squeenix.

    I don't want to see 3D

      Take off the glasses then!


        How you doing Doc?


            Pretty hype

            Not as hype as you

            Restricting my capital letters to the START OF EACH SENTENCE


    I might be even more hyped that I was for the Wii U announcement and I'm a Ninty fan-boy!

    cant wait what Sony will announce..hope its good news for hardcore PS fans and for all gamers alike

    Last Guardian, Metal Gear Solid 5. There was something else too, but I forget what.

      Final Fantasy Versus XIII!

        That's not a real game. It's just a tool for marketing toiletry products.

        No no nooooo, unless it's still on PS3.

      I'm hoping for Kingdom Hearts 3 (which has now successful skipped a generation), but it's not a big hope.

    Something from Naughty Dog, something from Sucker Punch, and some honey to drizzle on the porridge.

    At this point, I don't think they'd dare make it anything other than a PS4 announcement, but imagine if this was all just Vita related...

      It would be a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions

      turns out they're just announcing an add on for the ps3 that makes it backwards compatible again.

        Sorry, but that would be the best news ever. Ever.

          I'd like to think everyone would be happy with that.

          I'm kind of hoping they can expand on the ps move ... it was a pretty fun motion controller the one time I used it after I bought it.

            If the speculations and leaks were correct, it'll be integrated into that 'hideous' controller.

              Yeah I'd heard that, but I don't really know how well that would transfer to motion gaming. The wand was useful because depending on how it was held/what case it was in it could be used as various things ... you can't really use a standard controller as a sword or a sportsball racquet

                I bought a PS2 game online yesterday. Don't actually know where my PS2 is...

    Looking for someone to stir my porridge.

    I'm genuinely, properly excited. This is fun.

    Infamous 3. Uncharted 4 as launch titles.

      That'd be day one purchase for me. In fact, it'd be day-whenever I can preorder

      I'm calling it Now, Crash Bandicoot, Wipeout and Riiiiidge Racer as launch titles.

    Watch dogs and that game where you mess around with people's memories (can never remember it's name.

      'Remember Me'. You almost had it!

    I really should be working.... but this is consuming my thoughts!

      On Holiday's!
      watching the live stream on my Mac, with this open on Le iPad.
      Can't wait!

      Last edited 21/02/13 9:45 am

    It's all lies! PS4 to come out mid-2014 and be half as powerful as they say it will be.
    Sony just trying to stop people from investing in the next Xbox which will be out first.

    Sony to jump first and overshadow the next Xbox announcement with ridiculous promises and then under-deliver once both consoles are out.




    I think it's time to dump the Move and move towards a gesture control system. Something that challenges innovation on both sides.

    Comment removed.

    Last edited 21/02/13 9:46 am

      No, you shut up. the event hasn't started yet ferchrissakes

      Boo this man. The event hasn't started yet numbnuts.

        I removed it, cause it could have been worded better, (It's early), but seriously, no one is hear to discuss porridge options, maybe use this time to go into your thoughts about what they're going to announce or something topic related.

        I can also live blog my breakfast, doesn't mean people will care.

          ... I only came because there was a picture of porridge and I hoped to encounter other porridge enthusiasts

            This actually made me laugh pretty hard. Bravo sir.

          In all seriousness, I'm just joking around. I don't want this to be like every other dull liveblog on the net that's all. :)

            Alright I'm sorry. Its not even 7am yet here in WA yet, I haven't had my morning coffee.

              Hahaha! No worries. Wash that coffee down with some delicious porridge.

    Whoa SALT on porridge? That's... interesting. I remember having it with a bit of yogurt and brown sugar. Haven't had it in over a decade though...

    The fact that the stream is called 'Playstation Live - English' makes me wonder if the console will simply be called Playstation Live?

    Porridge with golden syrup and buttered toast in it, like a boss!

    Last edited 21/02/13 9:49 am

    I normally go brown sugar on my porridge ... unless I've got those quick oats things, then I try to get the apple and cinnamon ones. Damn they're delicious

      Good choice.

        I love that you responded to a comment about what topping to put on porridge

        Please never change #OldManSerrels

    i like making porridge with water instead of milk, then adding some milk and brown sugar after

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