PlayStation Memories Are Tearing Up Twitter

Sony is slated to unveil its successor to the PlayStation 3 this morning. Right now, the hashtag #PlayStationMemories is trending on Twitter. What a kwinky dink!

A large number of the memories centre around PlayStation 2 and original PlayStation games like Grand Theft Auto 3 and Crash Bandicoot. These are distant memories!

Others are writing about the PlayStation 2's 8MB Memory Card, making me wonder if these folks are just sharing or taking things a little too literally.

Spotted by game site MCV UK, the hashtag has been going strong for most of this morning — no word yet who started it — and charting at numero one or two. If you want to join in, fire up Twitter and clack out #PlayStationMemory. Don't forget to press "Tweet" when you finish. Very important!

#PlayStationMemory claims top global trending spot on Twitter ahead of PS4 reveal [MCV UK]


    no word yet who started it
    @playstation twitter started it. they tweeted it out yesterday. for some reason i cant find the original tweet on either playstation nor euplaystations twitter feeds.
    but, thats where it came from

    Seeing WipEout Pure's box art, and subsequently falling love with the series <3 Playing Crash Bandicoot 2 and wondering how to get that damn gem in that ice level that was to high to jump to, and you had to fall through the roof or something <3 #playstationmemories

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