Pokémon Candy Comes With An Important Warning

In the Pokémon game, Rare Candy can be used to increase the level of a Pocket Monster. In Japan, you can buy Rare Candy ("fushigi na ame" or ふしぎなアメ) at Pokémon Centres across the country. But, bad news...

As the candy's label clearly states, "Even if you eat the candy, you will not raise your Level. levelling up is dependent on your own effort."

It's obvious that this isn't real Rare Candy. This is on sale at numerous Pokémon shops around Japan. What's so rare about that? Come on.

ふしぎなアメ買ってきたwwwwwwwwwww [いたしん!]


    I think you've missed the obvious message they're trying to send to young people, rather than them actually thinking people would be confused as to why they wouldn't 'level up' in real life...

      I agree with Reign here.

      Gotta make sure they're not found legally liable when some kid feeds 20 to their gold fish and it doesn't evolve into gyrados.

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        Gold fish was obviously holding a everstone

    What if we have capped effort values before we eat?

      LOL. Anyway, in all seriousness, you do know that Rare Candies do not affect EVs in any way right? XD

        I think he knows. He is saying they become worth while after your EVs have topped out. So once you've put in the initial effort, then maybe these rare candies will level you up... So in a way, they will work! Once you've turned 30, eating them will level you up to a higher insulin resistance and bring you closer to an early grave. Haunter.


          But, really, I was under the impression that it was a reference to the Gen III&IV mechanics, where newly accumulated EVs would not be applied on Rare Candy level-up, but saved until the next natural level-up (Which was really only a long-term probably when used to hit level 100). Of course this was changed in Gen V, where EVs are applied instantly.

    It won't level you up because it is for your pets. Just like in the game.

      So it will level up my cat then right?

        I'm not associated with them and haven't tried them, but sure, why not

    Well considering that you can only find it in specific stores in certain areas in Japan as opposed to say.... every supermarket and petrol station around the globe, I'd say it's pretty rare all right :P

    "In Japan, you can buy Rare Candy at Pokémon Centres across the country"
    There are Pokémon Centres across Japan? My friends just got back from there, how did they not find one??? Better yet, why are there none here, what about our poor pokemon?

      Went to the pokecentre in Osaka last year. its massive, and may be the loudest place i have ever been (think hundreds of kids playing DS's negotiating trades). I actually found it by complete accident, think it was near a train station.

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