Printer Is Coming With This Incredible Model Of Winterfell

This incredible, miniature rendition of Winterfell - as it's seen in the opening credits to the Game of Thrones TV show - was done by Daniel Ammann.

if you've got access to a 3D printer, or as I like to call them "boxes of dark sorcery", he's made the plans for the model publicly available, so you can print your own off and pretend that SPOILERS eventually turns up and SPOILERS before SPOILERS then SPOILERS.

Winterfell [Thingiverse, via Geekologie]


    Are these things still thousands of dollars to buy and hundreds of dollars to use?
    I can model, let me print!

    And I need to edit to mention that the headline is pretty great.

    Last edited 08/02/13 10:45 pm

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