PS Vita Gets Price Cut In Japan

Sony announced in Japan overnight that it will lower the price of the PS Vita. Both the Wi-Fi and the 3G versions are priced at ¥19,980 ($208) starting February 28.

The 3G version's launch price in Japan was ¥29,980 ($312), while the Wi-Fi version launched for ¥24,980 ($260).



    Seems they were listening to you.

      3G is the same price as WiFi? why buy a WiFi now?

      Really hop this spreads to the west. Also hop we get the 32GB mem card bundle!

      You see they're getting a Phantasy Star Online version for the same price but different colour and some in game items?
      Free to play too.

    You'd think they would announce this on the 20th. Also if they drop the price here, there better be some sort of compensation for early adopters.

      Compensation? Get real. If they dropped it a week or two after release, maybe. It's been out for a fucking year.

        I was thinking how the people who actually supported it should at the very least be recognized. Now all the keyboard warriors who said it's dead and it's shit will be getting one and praising it. Grow up.

          "Keyboard warriors" heh

          Boy who wants, nay, DEMANDS to be compensated for sackriding laughably failing platform tells stranger on the Internet to grow up. Full story at 11.

          Last edited 19/02/13 9:45 am

            That's funny. I don't remember demanding something. And I'm not a boy. Stop being such a smart ass.

              "there better be some sort of compensation" could quite easily be construed as a demand.

                "Two grown men arguing over something inconsequential on the internet. Now here's Tim with sports."

      Why would there be compensation? It's been out for about a year, it's due for a cut.

      If you payed anything over $200 for the wifi version in the last 3-4 months you got ripped off anyway. and if you bought it before then why would they even consider giving you anything free after the PS+ free games etc.

        Where can you buy it currently for $200 or less?

          you cant currently but 3 separate times in the last 4 months you have

    Could a new PS Vita be announced on the 20th along with the rumored Ps4/Orbis ?

    Everyone remember this article 6 days ago?

    A price drop now could be a last ditch for sales before the new iteration is announced.
    But that would be a pretty mean move on Sony's part.

    Regardless, as an early adopter, I'm keen to see what happens with the Vita, and hopefully see more games come out for it in the near future.

    Seems the hype-train hasn't even got coal in it yet.

      Update: We’ve heard from someone familiar with the Vita’s development hardware that this could be the patent application for the devkit.

        Didn't see that tidbit before, thanks for the info.

        It'd also be interesting to see if a development kit announcement was made.
        I'm sure it'd mean more releases, either way.

    Well, I was already convinced, just didn't have the spare moolah yet. Hopefully we get similar deals in the West :D

    If they dropped the price here I'd give it a look.. But I'd also hope to see a few more game announcements for it (on the 20th maybe?) .

      Killzone, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice are my main games I'm looking forward to. Although I'd like to see a Gran Turismo, another Uncharted and Mutant Blobs Attack 2. One can hope.

    Are these region locked at all. will be in Japan next month. Might pick one up

      no the vita is not region locked.

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