R18+ Passes In Queensland, Oh Wait A Minute. No It Hasn't

Two months after the January deadline the Queensland Government has finally passed local R18+ classification at the state level, meaning that R18+ games can be sold in in Queensland. At least — that's what you would assume had happened after the Attorney's General Office accidentally posted a press release on their website before the vote had actually passed.

At around 3.45 today, the following statement appeared on the Queensland website.

“The introduction of this classification should be welcome news for parents, who will now have more control over the games their children are playing,” Mr Bleijie said.

“I encourage parents to be guided by these classifications, as I’m sure many are unaware of the levels of violence and adult material contained in some computer games.

“This system has worked with films for a long time and it makes sense for computer games to be treated in the same way.

“At the Standing Council of Attorney’s General last year, it was decided to adopt a national approach for computer game classification.

“By coming into line with the rest of the country, we can prevent the games from being bought interstate and sold illegally in Queensland.”

But at this point in time the vote had not been taken, and no-one had actually passed any sort of legislation. The press release was pre-written on the assumption that the legislation would be passed, and posted before any decision was made.

"Ah, that wasn't supposed to go up yet," said a rep from the Attorneys General's office when we called to confirm. We'd been watching the debate live and no vote had been called.

To be fair, the Attorney General's office is quite right to assume the legislation would pass today. There is widespread support for the bill and a desire to get the changes made as soon as possible but, as of right now, the bill has not passed.

Once it has passed — hopefully later this afternoon — all that will be required is the Governor to sign the legislation and an R18+ rating will exist in Queensland.

Edit: the above link has been taken down, but we have a screencap which you can check out here. The link that replaces it says it all.


    I am reading this post with BENNY HILL MUSIC playing.

    It's the only appropriate thing.

      No I more envision a Benny Hill skit where he slaps people on the top of the head.

    I just want to cry from fucking frustration at this point...

      Don't cry - games are more fun when they are illegal

        A lot of things are more fun when they're illegal. =D

        only thing that post is missing is the megusta.jpg

    Hahaha, oh Queensland. This is almost as funny as when Mitt Romney's PR put up the website stating he was the newly elected president.

    Grats Queensland, you are now officialy Unaustralian (u mad bro?)

      C'mon dude, look at the choice of Politicians we had, Cambell Newman and Anna Bligh. It's like picking which eye you want a hot poker shoved in.

      I don't think anybody in Queensland is happy with the choices we got. But the one thing for sure was Anna Bligh had to go. As for voting independent? Look at the clowns we got in Canberra who can't do anything because the whole thing's hung. Each side blocking the other so they don't look good.

      South Park was right about Election choices. Who knew?

    I bet they had the reverse press release prepared too.


    The vote was supposed to be put on on Tuesday its now Thursday and the vote still hasn't started yet. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING

    By the looks it has passed according to this
    Scroll down a bit

    Classification of Computer Games and Images and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012
    Introduced by: J P Bleijie MP on 31/10/2012
    Stage reached: PASSED with amendment on 14/02/2013

    When it comes to giving people more freedom they alwaye drag their feet so slow that you could tape the bill to a turtle and get things done faster.

    But when they want to take away freedoms and ban something, its done so fast you dont even have the time to oppose it. You should read some the vomit about games in the transcripts of the readings - it even had a reference to how one of the pollies watched the Resident Evil movies and was very "scared". I shit you not.

    I share everyone's frustration! I feel the same way, but at least we can take solace in knowing it'll definitely be done before the first R rated game is due to be released. I just needs to be voted on now and its done. At least it didnt have to go through two houses.

    If I can't get God of War: Ascension on release date I'm gonna shit bricks...

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