Rayman Legends' Online Challenge Mode Will Be Free On Wii U In April

Acknowledging the profound disappointment at the delay of Rayman Legends release on the Wii U — a holdup that seems to have no other reason than to wait for the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions to launch late 2013 — Ubisoft Montréal has decided to release the game's Online Challenges mode early, for free, to all Wii U users.

The Online Challenges mode will be available sometime this April. The video below, released by the development team yesterday evening, explains the Online Challenges, with accompanying gameplay video. Challenges will be generated daily in five different settings, one of which — the Dungeon — is created exclusively for the Wii U.

Rayman Legends Online Challenges will be available in the Nintendo eShop for free "beginning in April".

Ubisoft's delay of Rayman Legends stoked deep anger among Rayman fans, who had been looking forward to the game's release on Wii U at the end of this month. Ubisoft responded by offering a second Wii U-exclusive demo, which evidently still is to be released. That did little to appease gamers, who demonstrated outside of Ubisoft Montréal's offices to demand Rayman's release. Lead designer Michel Ancel, who appears in this video, posed for an image with the group, apparently endorsing the sentiment.


    I think players have just become a little disenheartened by the whole situation. I don't think demo's will change this.

    to bad for then i will not be buying it for my wii u greedy ass holes ubisoft

      I think, if anything, people SHOULD buy it on their Wii U and boycott the OTHER versions of the game.

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