Reactions To A Console Rumor Explains Why We’re Not Really Buying It

Reactions To A Console Rumor Explains Why We’re Not Really Buying It
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The rumour going around earlier this week wasn’t really anything new. The console that locks out used games is an anticonsumer bogeyman going back years and though the technology to do it exists, it’s yet to come true, for whatever reason. Still, a report this week repeated the same year old rumour about the next Xbox and the reaction from many was angry, indignant, and justified. “Fuck that. I’m not buying.”

To me, it also sounded a little relieved.

By no means do I view blatantly anticonsumer practices such as used-game blocking, requiring a persistent online connection, or not even being backward compatible, as good things. I can’t conceive of a console doing all three, or any feature it could have that makes them a worthwhile tradeoff. But it’s significant to me that these are the rumours we’re always reading about and reacting to, and not the potential good things that will make the new hardware an enjoyable experience.

Deep down, I think a lot of people just don’t want to buy another console.

I know I don’t. (I buy all of my hardware. It’s not something I want an employer to own or control.) And when you get a total nonstarter like used-games blocking, much less three of them, you get to affirmatively opt out of this for reasons other than you can’t or don’t want to spend that kind of money.

Any reason for not spending your money is legitimate. It’s your money. But what’s easier to refuse, a $US400 (or more) machine that offers the next edition of your favourite game series, and delivers it with even more mindblowing visuals and a cool controller, or a $US400 machine that does its damndest to alienate its most loyal segment?

When the next console is rumoured to be a horrible, money-grubbing lifestyle obligation frowning at us from the entertainment centre, we don’t have to admit we’re not buying the next machine because we just don’t have the money, or because we’re still buried under a mounding Pile of Shame. And let’s be real about why it’s a shame: It’s money spent on something unused. With a bogeyman of a rumoured console, it’ll get the blame for that, too. All those games we own? Useless. All those digital downloads? Nontransferrable.

So, yes, any feature that shuts this next piece of hardware off from everything you’ve known and enjoyed so far makes it a nonstarter, and deservedly so. And if you weren’t inclined to buy a new console anyway, or feel that the current one is providing you plenty of value and enjoyment already (hands up? Good God, how is the next console going to possibly monopolize my attention even more?) then these rumours let you actively remove yourself from the conversation on principle.

You’re doing what? You expect what? You can fuck off, mister. That sounds a lot better than shrugging and saying, “This is really awesome, but I can’t buy it right now.”

However, “This is really awesome, but I can’t buy it right now,” is a perfectly good reason, too. I don’t think we say it often enough, in a lifestyle and demographic that treats nearly every cent like disposable income. (My hand’s up, too. I’m as guilty of it as anyone.) But being a hardcore video gamer is more than spending a lot of money on games and hardware the day they release. We should know the most about what’s coming, and have the highest standards for what gets our dollar.

When Sony has its big gala on Feb. 20, I doubt Kaz Hirai is going to get up on the stage and say “The PS4 is going to block all used games, make all of your old ones useless, and require you to connect to PSN to do anything. Five-hundred-ninety-nine dollars!” I think they learned their lesson from 2006. Sony will try their asses off to make you want the thing. And whenever Microsoft pipes up about Durango, it’s gonna try as hard, too.

Make them work for it. And if you just don’t want to buy their next console, it’s not like you stop being a gamer. If you’re still enjoying what’s already out there then continue and be happy. I am sure the next PlayStation or Xbox will be on a shelf should you decide it has earned your money.


  • I just want a new console that will be hardware upgradable. It’s hard to defend a console when the hardware is overcharged and becomes obsolete in 2 years.

    • Not to sound offensive, but I think you’re missing the entire point of a console.

      When you buy into a console, you’re buying into a sealed ecosystem that ensures games throughout the lifecycle will run, no matter what – no upgrades or tinkering required.

      What you want is a PC.

      • I’m not asking for options at launch or for regular upgrades. Just that every couple of years the hardware needs to improve a bit and should be easy to do.

        • Which means if you don’t upgrade your console every few years, there’ll be games you can’t play.

          Like I said, that approach is the PC approach.

          • I loved when I got to upgrade the Nintendo 64. But then again I grew up on PC’s and pulling bits out and jamming better bits in is second nature to me.

          • Was the dreamcast around long enough to have hardware upgrades?

            I’m not even sure if it’s the dreamcast you’re referring to. I never owned a sega.
            Anyway I’ve no idea how it would stand from a business perspective. All I know is I like the idea especially with hardware generations apparently lasting longer.

          • @gorzilla: I’m pretty sure he was referring to all the bullshit addons Sega made to the Mega Drive. First there was the Sega CD which attached to the Mega Drive. Then there was the 32X which sat in the Mega Drive’s slot and never worked right. Each one required its own power supply. They originally intended to make a version that integrated all the components together (the Neptune) but it never came to market because they were already developing the Saturn. There were also some variations on the Sega CD / Mega Drive combo made by JVC (the Wondermega) and the Sega Multi-Mega / CDX. Also Sega made an add-in for one of the Pioneer LaserDisc systems which was able to have various add-in bits, which enabled Mega Drive & Sega CD games.

            Pretty much all of it was a flop and that combined with the poor sales of the Saturn basically doomed the Dreamcast because Sega bled away all their money making crappy add-on bits.

          • @negativezero Wow that’s a little confusing. I think if they are to have a chance for bolt on upgrades they’d have to keep it as simple as possible. Probably just one simple thing every 2.5 or 3 years.

          • What are you talking about? They do regular hardware upgrades of handheld consoles throughout their life-cycle all the time… The Nintendo DS, 3DS, the PSP, etc. etc. Neo is asking for something similar with the home consoles. It would be more expensive to achieve than with the handhelds, sure. But seeing as how the cost of the new PS4, for example, was relatively cheap to build, I’m sure they could afford to enact some sort of upgrade plan like more RAM and bigger harddrives down the track.

          • Not exactly the same, I was thinking of something as simple as pulling out the harddrive and replacing it that we can do now. If its user friendly then there won’t be much effort, and would only be happening every 3 years or so.

            Besides, we got hardware upgrades with the current generation. The 360 released a black, “slim” version that had a better fan built in that pretty much eliminated the red ring issue.

        • There’s no way this is going to happen (thank god).
          What’s the point of building an install base if you then cut it in half with a hardware division?

          Just buy a PC if you want to upgrade regularly.

          • I wouldn’t say there’s no way this is going to happen. The same thing happened with the PSP GO despite the outcry from fans. It still flopped miserably, but it did release. I wouldn’t rule out the same from Microsoft.

      • because every console game release this generation ran perfectly and didnt require any DAY 0 patches or constant updates (im looking at you medal of honor and fallout new vegas).

        • Those games worked day 1, people with consoles not connected to the internet played them.

          The free Patches did improve performance but. Now a patch is optional, if you need the Mark 2 Processor upgrade to play the game and you only have the Mark 1 Processor your locked out. Unless you go and pay for the Mark 2 Processor.

          • yeah just like when the xbox 360 arcade version came out and then u had to upgrade the hard drive to install games! i remember putting in a 1tb hd to my xbox finally when i cracked the shits. easier than doing it with a pc!

      • Remember the days when you didn’t have to download the latest updates to play a new game, let alone play multi-player?

        I’m getting a Wii U when Zelda comes out, I’m buying Durango and the PS4 for sports games and other exclusives. I’ll mostly play games on my PC because it is by far the most enjoyable platform (mods, graphics options, etc). Hell I’ll even buy the nVidia hand-held so I can keep playing my games when nature calls!

        I have no girlfriend. I NEED no girlfriend!

    • Would you also want a smart phone that is user-upgradeable? Those two things could also be said of smart phones. Hell, sometimes in a 1 year period a phone is out of date.

    • There is rumours about Durango being modular. Would be so easy to have a standard level platform that is the base/minimum spec, and those of us who want to upgrade can do so. And those who don’t need/want to can still run every game released.

  • I havnet bought a used game in a long damn time. Honestly they are cheaper to import new than to buy used here is Aus.
    Besides, i would rather support a developer than something like EB or JB Hifi.

    On the new consoles, i havent made up my mind if its going to be a day 1 purchase or after a month or 2. However i WILL be getting atleast one.

  • I think you’re right, to an extent. I don’t buy the rumours, and whether I do buy a new console is very much contingent on “wait and see”. It’s not that I don’t want to buy a new console, it’s just that right now there is no new console to buy. There is no reason to buy one.

    Severely handicapping it’s functionality compared to previous generations is certainly a reason to not buy one, but right now it’s just a rumour. Everything is zero’d out right now.

    Convincing me to buy a PS4 will be an uphill battle for Sony, at least until we’re well into the console cycle, prices are low, and there’s some Naughty Dog/Quantic Dream exclusives I simply must have.

    But let’s pretend it is the Xbox v3.0 that was being announced. All Microsoft has to do is show me there is a console, that I can play next-gen games on it somewhere around the end of the year, and tell me some cool stuff about what it will be able to do. I am ready to buy as long as they don’t screw it up.

    How they can screw that up is telling me that it won’t replace my 360 because it won’t be backwards compatible, won’t let me play my arcade titles I have bought, won’t allow me to play used games, etc. It’s bad enough that because my wife and I share a console and games that there’s some games that only allow one of us to access certain content because you have to put in a code to prove you bought the game new. These things diminish my interest, make a new console less of a “must have”.

    I’m already losing interest in paying for an Xbox Live Gold subscription – the online community is so terrible I never play multiplayer anymore, so what’s the point? They need to completely rework XBL Gold if they expect anyone to keep paying for it. The PS+ model has proven successful despite cynics from all corners, Microsoft are surely paying attention to this.

    I want to buy the next generation Xbox. Just… don’t take away my reasons to do so.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I will be buying the next Xbox unless some of the ridiculous rumours are true or it is barren of interesting games. I’m not that excited for the next Playstation but if the next Xbox is a let down I may get one. Never before have I been so on the fence with a new generation of hardware. I can see the next generation being amazing or garbage, we will just have to wait and see.

    • Hey, I’m not terrible online >:

      Although I do agree about LIVE Gold, it’s getting harder and harder to justify buying permission to play a game I already bought online, then having to buy or use a code that also gives me permission.
      The “deals” they have are getting worse and worse. Not only do they regularly rotate through deals they’ve already done a dozen times over (Bioshock DLC deals, Borderlands DLC deals, etc.) but PSN have much better deals all the time. The other week, for the first time you could save about 20% of LIVE points buying Megaman 9 and Megaman 10. On PSN? They’re both free when you subribe to PS+.

    • All Microsoft has to do is show me there is a console, that I can play next-gen games on it somewhere around the end of the year, and tell me some cool stuff about what it will be able to do. I am ready to buy as long as they don’t screw it up.

      Out of interest, why is Microsoft the lead in your purchase of choice? Is it simply something you are used to/grew up with (like me with the Playstation) or something else?

      • I wasn’t heavily invested in console gaming prior to the PS2/Xbox era but I had gradually been shifting away from PC gaming from 2002 – 2005. When the 360 came out my PC was outdated, my PS2 was dying and I was greatly preferring the Xbox S controller to the Dualshock 2.

        In late 2006 my wife (then girlfriend) decided it was time for us to buy a new console so we could play the new games coming out. The PS3 was still eight months away, so we pretty much got a 360 by default.

        By the time the PS3 came out I was so invested in my 360 I had no interest in a PS3. I did eventually buy one but I don’t like it very much, I really only got it for platform exclusives and games that I might conceivably want to try to import due to titles like Silent Hill Homecoming being refused classification. I preferred the Xbox Live service to the PSN.

        The PS3 did get better over time but by that time I was firmly cemented in the 360 camp. Most of my games were on 360, I had a lot of DLC and arcade games attached to my profile. Hard to let all of that go, which is what I felt like I’d be doing if I started playing multiplatform games on my PS3 instead – plus, I really do prefer the Xbox controller to the Dualshock 3.

        What I want is to continue that experience with the next Xbox, hopefully I’ll carry across my profile, purchased content, etc. Maybe there’ll be backwards compatibility, maybe there won’t. It’ll be a shame if there isn’t. In any case, I feel like the Xbox experience will be the more interesting one. I’ll still probably get a PS4 at one point, unless Naughty Dog and Quantic Dream start making multiplatform titles.

        • Fair enough.

          Naughty Dog won’t go multi since Sony own them. Quantic Dream might but they have a good relationship with Sony, but so did Insomniac.

  • I think this only considers consumer outrage though. What about the publishers? If EA and Activision came to MS or Sony and said they wouldn’t support their consoles unless this was implemented, they would have to give it serious consideration. Removing used games will definitely hurt sales, but not as much as having no support from the major manufacturers. Besides which, MS and Sony don’t make money from used sales either, though there is an argument to be made that the option to trade in a game if its stinks makes consumers less risk averse. To top it all off, they must be looking at Steam and thinking maybe they can get away with it too.

    I’m not going to assume used games are out after this gen, but I think its a real possibility. I hope I’m wrong. I don’t buy used as a rule, but I do trade in. I’ve bought some real crap. I think I traded 8 Ubisoft games for Oblivion, which I still think was a good deal.

    • The problem is that technology to make games single use only is already being used. EA’s Multiplayer pass could be adapted to make a game that only allows it to be played for 15 minutes unless you got the code with a new game to make it playable for as long as you wanted.

      This technology is already in place on the 360 and PS3. Not sure about the Wii U.

      MS are already starting to value add to Gold membership, if you sign up to X-Box rewards you get 200 MS Points ($3.30) the special discounts, and a small refund on all your purchases. I know these are small but MS at least knows they are competing with others offering the same service for free.

      They need to make gold better, because there is not much point having a product that hurts your consoles more than it helps.

      • They should definitely make Gold better, but I’m never going to be convinced Silver membership shouldn’t include access to multiplayer.

        While EA is already implementing it’s own methods of preventing used sales, I think they’d love to make it part of the console design so everyone has to do it, killing off competition from the used games of other developers as well.

        • True on both accounts.

          I think MS are going to need to give Silvers multiplayer, which of course raises the question what’s the point of subscribing to Gold?

          And the first company to outright ban used games is going to paint a massive target upon themselves. Be it EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Microsoft or even Nintendo.

    • Kaz comes on stage
      I’m not announcing the PS4 today. I want to talk about Music Unlimited, Video Unlimited, and PS+!
      20 minutes pass, describing PS+ in great detail, as well as the Vita
      We’re just about done here. Just quickly though, introducing the PS Orbis/Omni!
      Five minute video presentation, information sheet provided to everyone. MU, VU, PS+ main features of PS4; list of games coming launch window, etc
      Kaz moonwalks off stage

      • I like the twitter update from fake Kaz: “On 20th February, we will finally show of the future of PlayStation: PS3 Firmware Update 4.4!”

  • All they need is backwards compatibility for PS3/360 games. It’s been over 6 years and those consoles have accumulated a massive library of good games. If we replace the console, we need to know we’re not replacing the games as well.

    • As was discussed yesterday, there are a bunch of technical reasons why this isn’t likely for either the xbox or PS3. I find it quite annoying, because the hardware this gen doesn’t seem to have the build quality to make it till the next gen, let alone hit its 21st birthday like my SNES.

    • Definitely not going to happen on the PS3. Architecture is likely to be almost impossible to emulate for a good long time and placing a PS3 into the PS4 is likely to be way too expensive. Everything I’ve read seems to imply that although it’s easier on the new Xbox it’ll still not be included. Because in terms of global sales, the number of people who care is tiny. Plus many of those people keep buying HD versions of games they already own, meaning the publishers and the console owners get paid again. In that market, why go to the bother of backwards compatibility?

  • This article has a ring of truth to it. It’s going to take a lot for me to give up my current gen. So many great games and a permanent record (gamerscore) of having played them. A new console will feel too much like starting again without BC and profile-porting (though I guess profile-porting might happen).


  • “By no means do I view blatantly anticonsumer practices such as used-game blocking, requiring a persistent online connection, or not even being backward compatible, as good things.”

    And yet everyone is always singing praises for Steam!

      • Steam pretty much does require an online connection, just wait till you move house and don’t have your new internet connected yet. I once went three months unable to log-in to Steam. Also there are plenty of games that won’t work on Win7 on there, you have to get them from GoG instead (not that I wouldn’t rather support GoG anyway).

  • You guys need some sort of “opinion piece” marker on articles. I don’t think a lot of people want games companies thinking you speak for everyone. I stopped buying games because I’m sick of the current gen tech and I’m looking for something new.

    I am highly looking forward to a new gen, and I’m happy to purchase new tech regularly . I do want backwards compatibility due to lack of space, but no used games doesn’t bother me at all. I prefer owning something I know is in good condition.

  • Considering my original phat PS3’s CMOS battery has died and replacing it is a PitA Im actually looking for a new console, and Id rather not buy a new PS now only for the PS4 to be announced soon after…

    • Ps3 will be long supported after the PS4 is announced. Look at the PS2, one of its best ever games was released after PS3 was (God of War 2

    • At least yours still works and the CMOS isn’t too hard to replace – mine died after just over 3 years and fried the RSX chip – console is dead, Sony won’t touch it and no one can guarantee that if they get a chip it will work, oh and all my data is lost on it (courtesy of a break in the saw my backup drive go missing weeks earlier, apparently it was easier to take than my PS3!).

      Won’t be touching the new generation until all these facts are known and I am happy with them (BTW – my XBox is still going strong, unlike EVERYONE I know who has had at elast 1 die if not several).

  • OK, honest opinion time: I love new console time. I love the rumours, the speculation, the announcements, all of it.

    I’ve had a PS3 for, I don’t know, maybe 5 years? I’ve played a lot of games on it that I’ve loved, and a fair few that I’ve enjoyed, and a couple that I’ve actively disliked. But it’s become clear, especially in the last 6 months or so, that there’s not a lot more that the developers can do with it – whether that’s because there’s nothing more that can be done, or if it’s too expensive, or whatever.

    New consoles mean new stuff. New features, new IP, new things. It means a leap for gaming as a storytelling medium. It means that there’s going to be a whole load of cool stuff coming out in the next 5 years that we probably couldn’t think of today. And I, for one, want to be there for it.

    • I couldn’t agree more. With what they’ve been able to do with the current 7 year old consoles we have, I can’t wait to see games that release well into the next generations life. Imagine GTA 6…

    • Can’t agree more, When a new console comes out im forced to find reason NOT to buy it because i want them so much, even if there are no games i want. Because i love new tech and the promise it brings.

      New games, new elements or things that couldn’t be done previously i love it all. I have never not wanted any games console that came out and i find the notion that most people are looking for an excuse not to get one as absurd. Hell even when i dont have the spare cash for one i’m more than super excited.

      I mean for the 360 as soon as it was announced i Saved pocket money birthday money i even worked on my dads house and buisness to get more cash (i was in grade 8/9 at the time i think) and you know what i bought that mother fucker day 1 (with that $150 controller perfect dark oblivion pack)and i loved the shit out of it.

      As Michael has stated the current console games have stagnated they aren’t getting better looking nothing new is comeing, current tech is maxed out as can be. Hell even if everything bad about the 360 turns out to be true im not sure i could even stop myself from buying one, few things give me more pleasure than a new console generation getting released.

    • But it’s become clear, especially in the last 6 months or so, that there’s not a lot more that the developers can do with it – whether that’s because there’s nothing more that can be done, or if it’s too expensive, or whatever.

      Not a lot they can do in what respect though? Surely the appeal of a game is how good it is, a combination of gameplay, story, graphics (or whatever you personally find appealing). The only thing that can limit a developer is graphics. They’re pretty good now (not PC good as I am constantly told) but still damn good, a story is a story, that doesn’t change and a good one will always be a good one.
      So it leaves gameplay, unless they move on from the standard controller (and they’ve tried with Move, Kinect but have failed in bringing anything good imo (though they need a Star Wars move game)) then it’s simply going to be the same as now.

  • Why the hell would they care whether anyone cares about used games sales. Presumably these new consoles would be sold at a loss to begin with, as the ps3 was at launch and more recently the wii u. So to make up that loss they expect consumers to buy games, but only new ones. They make $0 revenue on the sale of used games. If in theory someone were to buy a console and only purchase used games, they console manufacturer would have made a loss from that one consumer. So again i ask, why the hell would they care about those consumers and the used game sale market?

    • There is an argument to be made that many day one sales rely on the used market. It’s less of a risk if I can resell the game and use the money/credit to buy another new one. Your point is correct, but only considers one of the two issues at play.

      1. Will those people who buy used, buy new if its the only option?
      2. Will those people who buy new, buy fewer games if the they can’t trade in purchases?

      Like I said above, I think that the first group will buy new games if they have to and will cover the losses of the second group who like to trade in. Of course, there is a third alternative that both groups will abandon console gaming.

  • Companies want more and more money.
    They are increasingly blatant with how they go about getting that money.
    Locking out used games, makes companies money…
    Why wouldn’t they do it? It’s like DLC years back people would have vomited in anger at the thought, yet it’s here to stay, it even seems to be getting worse.

    Blocking used games will happen, why? because big business are assholes, that simple.

    • DLC years back was called an Expansion Pack, it was a set of new things to do in an old game on a new disc, that required the old game to be installed. More of a PC thing but don’t make the mistake it wasn’t out there.

      DLC that isn’t an Expansion Pack does not get purchased by me.

      Edit: Map Packs are not Expansion Packs.

  • Honestly, I’ll only be buying into the next generation once Battlefield 4 is released. 64 person multiplayer, an even better Frostbite engine… Whaaaaaaaaat?!?

  • “Deep down, I think a lot of people just don’t want to buy another console.”

    Bullshit. I definitely want one. This is the same old tripe we hear with every new hardware release. You’ll buy one, and you’ll love it.

  • I bought a Wii U at release (mainly for my 6 yo daughter), but I won’t be touching the new Xbox or Playstation for sometime. A low estimate states they’ll cost $500 and to me they won’t offer anything more than slightly better graphics on the current consoles. I’ve also got quite the back catalogue to work through on my 360 and no doubt I’ll buy more titles this year to add to it.

    I didn’t buy my 360 when it first came out, as I didn’t think it offered anything that was substantially better than the PS2 to warrant buying it. Once the games got better and support for the PS2 died off, I picked one up. It might be something that I look at a couple of years down the track, but who know what will be on offer at that time.

  • Some questions regarding anti-used games:
    How would game hire exist without the used games been allowed.
    Stores would be less inclined to permit game returns as resale would be impossible.
    Burrowing games or taking games to a friends place would no longer be an option.

    … sounds like a bad idea, not to mention the old Nintendo philosophy of no backwards compatibility.

  • “Deep down, I think a lot of people just don’t want to buy another console.”
    Stopped reading right there. So because some people got really angry on the internet for the first time ever, you leap straight to your preconceived bias. That’s also called confirmation bias. Coupled with a headline suggesting news on next gen consoles (which you knew would be a page-hit goldmine), but has nothing new, just pushing opinions to fill the page (i know, facts are expensive) this article reeks of the kind of lazy story that’s giving journalists a bad name.

  • I wonder if it would work if the platform could be horizontally scaled. Imagine being able to attach a 360/PS3 node to your shiny new PS4/durango to push even more pixels for nextgen games while still being backwards compatible because the old console is still in the mix.

  • I’m pretty sure they will not completely block used games. you may have to pay Sony/Microsoft a small fee to play used games. so this may very well reduce the price of renting games

  • I’m just waiting for the new consoles to come out so that the PC games will finally progress. I am sick of all these games having tiny maps cause the console version can only use 256mb of ram.

    I do like my consoles though and I will buy both a PS4 and an Xbox assuming they don’t have any kind of ludicrous always on DRM scheme or Used Game blocking.

    I never buy used games and I never sell the games I buy cause I like how they look on my shelf however I still will not stand for something so anti consumer.

  • Yep, i’m pretty cool(ed) about entering the next gen. I was totallly into the PS1, uber excited for PS2, fascinated by PS3 and of course we can be confident that PS4 will again be a significant leap. I saw a vid imagining the Xbox 720 with some projector type thing that transforms your whole room, that could be mega exciting. I don’t know if that will happen, or if Sony will have a similar offering, but I’m confident that Sony will be providing plenty of new tricks, whatever they happen to be.

    But at the same time, I’m so happy with the PS3. One of the main reasons I wanted the PS3 was to get involved with multiplayer, and to get good at FPS. I’ve kind of given up on that aspiration but at the same time I’ve not spent that much time on multiplayer and still have years to do that before getting bored.

    I also have a HUGE pile of shame. Massive. So many games either haven’t been touched or were abandoned early on. The day I bought my PS3 (Slim), I bought GTA IV which i’ve played a few hours of, MGS IV which i’ve played a couple of hours of, Motorstorm 2, which i’ve played once and something else that I can’t remember. And I agree, it is shame in the sense that it is a waste of money. I’ve gotten excited about these games, gone out and bought them, and then discovered that I just don’t have the time to play them, yet still feel compelled to buy more. It’s a sickness really.

    I have about a 8 open world games that i’ve not touched. I’ve not touched any sports games. I’ve not touched any fitness / Move games (I have about a dozen). I’ve a dozen racing games i’ve barely touched. I’ve not gotten used to B3 multiplayer yet. I’ve not played as much Spec Ops as I want. MAG never got a look in, nor did Warhawk, or Starhawk for that matter.

    In 2011 I played alot of new release games, about 20. In 2012 I’ve only played a few, but I still want to buy many 2012 releases. I want to buy many 2013 releases, and I’ll probably want to buy many 2014 releases. But I’m not going to allow myself to buy any, or many, before I get through some of my existing collection. So once I manage to do that, if I ever do, I’ll be able to buy Azura’s Wrath for $20, Lollipop Chainsaw for $10, and at this rate probably The Last Guardian for under $20.

    I’m going to be excited for the PS4, and I know my sickness will continue, but I have some hope that I’ll let this gen slide on by and just stick with getting use out of what I already own.

  • Simple solution is: Game makers/companies support second hand sales by partnering with the EB’s, JB’s (in Aus) etc , and for a fee ($10-$15 EB is not allowed to add their bit on to this) supply new access codes to allow the next buyer to be able to use the disc… The game shops buy/sell 2nd hand games at a reasonable price and get 10 times the customers through the door rather than shut up shop… Both parties need to adapt to survive. Both Game Dev’s/Game stores prosper, the gamer like myself is able to trade my unwanted games to buy the new AAA title at, launch that I normally couldn’t afford, cos thats what Game companies want, not at the reduced price six months down the track.

    Consoles are closed to allow devs a stable platform, making these modular defeats that advantage. I understand Neo’s point, so really you could only expect things like HDD’s to be upgradeable just like the current xbox.

    Persistent connections are not viable, not unless you live in Tokyo. I know it would not be my preferred choice, even though I have a stable connection cos i know heaps of ppl who aren’t so lucky, and that would diminish my gaming experience (community-wise).

    Like a PC, surely you could play your older downloaded titles, that’s what would make sense to me as Xbox live couldn’t possibly be made redundant simply due to the 720?

    For now everyone expects the worst, but hopes for the best… Here’s hoping y’all…

  • I thought I didn’t want it because I like used games and want to be able to take my games to my friend’s house and play them without having the lug the entire system. But thank you Owen, I didn’t realize that what I thought was completely wrong, what I really think is that I’m just a cheap ass that can’t afford to spend money on a new system. It’s helpful to have someone tell me what I’m thinking, I am completely inept at understanding my own feelings. Really, a joy to have you in my life.

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