Report: Next Xbox Requires Internet, Blocks Used Games

A new Edge report suggests that Microsoft's next Xbox gaming console, code-named Durango, will require an internet connection to use. It also won't be able to play used games, Edge says.

We have not been able to confirm the veracity of this new report, which claims that Durango will ship with a new Kinect and hold an AMD eight-core CPU that runs at 1.6GHz and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Edge also says Durango discs will come with one-time-use activation codes that render them useless to anyone but the person who first uses them.

Early last year, Kotaku reported that the next Xbox will use Blu-ray discs, ship with Kinect 2.0, and contain some sort of anti-used game protection.

The next Xbox: Always online, no second-hand games, 50GB Blu-ray discs and new Kinect [Edge]


    Always online is a gamble that I don't think will pay off. Yes it will make the publishers happy but they're likley to lose a large number of 'gamers' and I'll bet there will be more than a few (luddite) parents returning it once they realise their kids will be online the whole time.

    Personally I don't think this alone will decide my choice(s) for the next generation. As always it will be the games that decide what I play and on what system.

      Yep, anyone I know whose bought an xbox for their kids (often to replace their Wii) has not put the thing online.

        Yeah mine hasn't been online for over 6 months.
        if this is the case, i'll be switching to SONY or canning consoles alltogether this generation.
        Steambox FTW

    Okay, so most Australians can no longer purchase and use a Durango? I suppose Australia is just considered a bonus fund - not the key demographic.
    Also, reports say that the Orbis's OS is much more user friendly and is said to be the "preferable console" to work with. Either way, we should always put aside our arrogance and "opinionated facts" aside until we actually hear from Microsoft and Sony.
    I must admit however, not a lot of Australians I know have more than a portable 8GB Wi-Fi modem - though it isn't Microsoft's problem we have a terrible, outdated infunstructure.
    I'm just hoping I can still enjoy Forza without all this hassle.

      not a lot of Australians I know have more than a portable 8GB Wi-Fi modem

      This describes me, not by choice, and would preclude me from purchasing the new xbox as described in the article.

      This rumour is bs. Won't happen...listen to how crazy it sounds - it's a PR nightmare and is a really difficult thing to pull off. Don't worry about it, it's not going to happen :)

      Off topic:
      MOST Australians? Most, even in remote areas, have access to high speed broadband internet these days, you can get a plan good enough for online gaming for under $30 per month in most parts of the country...and that's just landline. Telstra mobile net covers something like 90% of the country.

      Also...not sure why the PS OS would be user friendly. Sony has never created a user-friendly interface in their lives - this includes all TVs, all Cameras, phones, walkmans, Playstations, Vita, Web. The new Playstation store is a a mess from a UI standpoint - it looks good but functions terribly, very confusing - even when compared to Windows 8 - both are very similar UI styles. The Vita's OS is also a mess. Coming from an owner of many, many Sony products...UI/system interfaces is not a strong point of Sony's. Microsoft have also struggled at times - the latest Xbox dash is a bit of a mess too but MS has a much better track record. Metro, when done right, is a very effective UI implementation - see ZuneHD, but Microsoft tend to over think things and add too much. I'm hoping both consoles will have great UIs. Fingers crossed.

        Nice generalisations there buddy

        Live 20 mins from Epping. My street has no adsl access. 3G data with crap speeds after 5pm on Telstra. So not everyone has

    If actually true, I hope this will be the last console generation.

      Correction, if true it will knock out Microsoft from the console race.

        Yeah. If Microsoft go this route and Sony do not then Sony is likely to come out way ahead.

          Sony is rumored and have a patent on blocking used games but online always makes Sony the lesser evil

            I think Sony has already responded to that saying that yes they are thinking of having some sort of mechanism in place which can be used by game publishers if they so choose.

            But in reality only idiot publishers would even dream of using it.

              I'm hoping that it won't be Atlus... They were the first to use the region locking feature on PS3 and we still haven't got P4 Arena yet. *frownieface*

            No rumor, Sony actually *do* have a patent that allows them to tie a disc to a certain PSN account using an RFID chip. And I bet if they do it, they'll also have a system where big retailers can pay them $10 to unlock that chip. Microsoft's 'solution' if this story is real sounds more permanent.

            Sony patented that about 6 years ago.

    There is no way in hell this 100% always on thing is true not even all of american has access to high speed internet so absolutely ANYTHING that limits the user base will not be put into this machine that goes for this online pass bullshit too.

    That said, if either of those turns out to be true the xbox will tank imo and i know for a fact i wont be getting one.

      If nothing else, Sony having been offline for as long as it was last year would have made Microsoft cancel any plans of that ilk.

      I can believe an online activation... but it would include a 'project $10' online pass style deal if the game is second hand.

      Microsoft would have met with Gamestop and other retailers during their consultation period.
      As much as publishers hate used game sales, they're aware of the number of 'trade ins' that go towards the purchase of new games... and retailers wont stock something that will put them out of business (PSP-go).
      Publishers could have included an anti used games DRM a while ago (notice they can check if you don't have an online pass active), but they wont kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

    playstation had mentioned the same idea (pre owned activation)
    and my response for online only that will cost 1 a hell of a lot to keep servers maintained and running smoothly, 2. i think there will be a link to the xboxlive account like there is for steam and games on demand i dont think people will mind as pc gaming is as strong as ever.

    100% all the time online would be the worst mistake for the console people wouldn't be able to have say a LAN party anymore unless there was a connection available for everyone there, And as for the Used-game policy its pointless making the disc codes being locked to one account, if i have multiple xbox's in my house with multiple accounts im not paying for the same game say 3 times its completely pointless

      And yet PC games have been doing this for ages... Take starcraft 2 - no LAN support for one of the most played LAN games (SC1) in the past.
      I don't see why consoles would be any different.

        yeah but you can play SC2 offline for SP. It is not really the same thing.
        Also people some buy consoles instead of gaming PC's so this will still have an impact on those customers.

        I think the new Xbox will have the same arrogant boardroom BS that Windows 8 has and will tank. The Bill Gates MS I loved is dead. I also find it very worrying that the way Windows 8 is locked on devs and the fact the new Xbox rumour says it is locked from direct coding to the hardware past the OS in the same way is maybe to specific to be untrue. Time will tell though.

    I dont mind the internet limit too much, as all my consoles are online all the time already so it wouldnt affect me too much, i do know a fair few people who would be pissed off about this though and prevent their purchase

    as for the one use only discs, that would be a deal breaker for me on the console, i dont mind buying PC games which are one use only, they are also 50-70% cheaper than their console counterpart
    So the only way this would be ok for me is if the prices of games for the console dropped dramatically and i highly doubt that would happen

    Well I've been thinking of migrating back to pc based gaming so if this is true it will seal the deal.

    I've taken to buying used games and non new release to save some cash, this would ruin part of the equation for me. Not to mention that I suspect lots of (physical) game stores would not be able to turn a profit on new games alone - leading to even less competition and even higher than rrp prices.

    The online only thing also sounds like a pain - the xbox online latency is set low on the 360 console and sometimes randomly logs me out - which is fine, but in the future I'd get logged out to stare at my new expensive brick -ouch. I'd hate to see the problems when my internet gets shaped at the end of the month...

    Glad I'm happy with my PC. These new consoles keep disappointing. Steam is so much cheaper anyway

      How is Steam cheaper? I got Dragonborne from another source because Steam wanted to charge me $10 more. So how is it cheaper?

        Subjective example is subjective.

          Errr. So you want an example? Greenmangaming have Dragonborne for $16, though that is 20% off, but even without the discount it's still only $20 that's still $5 cheaper than Steam who like to rip people off. Is that what you meant?

            Erm, he means cheaper compared to consoles. You're comparing two different PC game providers. PC is still cheaper. That's all Bob was trying to say.

            Because Greenman Gaming is reselling US keys from a US source, and the US Steam price is $19.99. They obviously haven't jacked the price up for us on that yet like they're now doing with all their other games. Since now they're charging Australians the same as Steam on a lot of items. BioShock Infinite is one that I noticed is now 80 dollars, instead of 60.

            Also if Steam (Valve) were governing the prices for us to be more expensive why aren't the Valve made & published games more expensive for us by whatever 10-20% because they aren't governing our prices. Amazing. Could it be that the publishers who put it on Steam are setting the prices because they don't want to lose money from their small amount of retail sales and make more money all around..

            What I meant was that one example doesn't really prove anything.

            I'd be surprised if Steam always had the cheapest price on every single game on the market.

            I'd be much less surprised if I found out that OVERALL Steam had lower prices for the current games on the market.

            You can't say Steam isn't cheaper than most console games by saying "this one particular game was more expensive".

        It really depends on when you buy how you shop. If you are willing to wait for sales or shop around places like g2play make big differences for steam prices and places like ausgameshop can make big differences in console prices.

        If I calculated the cost of all of the games I've bought on Steam versus what they would cost if I had bought them at the cheapest available alternative price at the time, the Steam figure would probably be less than half the other figure.

        Steam isn't usually the cheapest place to buy brand new games, but nothing has even come close to Steam when it comes to sales.

        But you already knew that didn't you? You were just trying to be Trolly McTrollface.

          No, I'm not talking about sales. Yeah their sales are great. But usually I already have what they have on sale so it's not so great. I'm more annoyed with DLC prices. But seeing as you love Steam so much that you feel I was trolling then that's fine. I hope it keep you warm at night.

            It does keep me warm, in a bed of unplayed games that I've bought in a fit of unreasonable impulse spending!

            The only reasons you have all the games on sale is because you already bought them on sale previously, from Steam! Tell me the truth, how many Steam games do you have? How many have you bought cheaper than you could have otherwise? :P

            Yes, if you discount sales, then you should shop around for your DLC, greenmangaming might have you covered (if that particular title hasn't succumbed to the Aussie tax). But to say "I'm not talking about sales, only about Australian prices of new release DLC" when talking about Steam is silly, you can't just discount one of the best things of the platform that makes your "How is steam cheaper?" completely invalid. That's like saying "Chocolate is gross... but I'm not accounting for how it tastes at all and won't consider any of that evidence to be used against my argument, I'm only considering how it looks". Phooey to you sir.

            You asked "How is it cheaper?" knowing you were being silly and knowing that you would get a response, and if you're not a troll, at the very least you're just a little bit troll-scented.

        Publishers set the prices, not Valve (except if they're selling their own games, of course). 2K, EA, Activision and Bethesda being fine examples of price gouging.
        Why not get a VPN?

    The report says it is still unconfirmed so there is still a chance Microsoft will go "Holy Cow! No user is dumb enough to buy a console with DRM worse than PC gaming!"

    But if this one-time code thing turns out to be true, then Microsoft had better scrap the launch. Second hand gaming sales have been around since the dawn of commerce and it has had little to no effect on other forms such as car, books, white goods, DVD and music CDs.

    Heck, if it were not for second hand sales, I would not have some of the rare gems I have now. Like Eternal Darkness which I found for $10 at a Salvos in perfect condition.

    Second hand sales have never harmed gaming. The problem is with publishers who are so paranoid of taking risks they do not want to make anything other than the next COD clone and when that idea fails they go looking for scape goats (piracy and second hand sales being the favourites).

      upvote for Eternal Darkness :)

        2nd upvote.
        I got my copy new on release but I am happy WiseHacker found a mint one for a tenner. Great find dude.

    They should just piss disks off and do totally online distribution. Did that ages ago with my PC using steam. Then all your games are tied to your user account rather than the console. So if your xbox dies you can buy a new one and just download all your stuff again (or restore from backup).

    Im a big xbox fan but those 2 features alone would make me never EVER buy a new console.

    If its true, way to stab yourself in the face Microsoft

    If true, I want to ask them if they saw how people reacted to the always-online DRM from Ubisoft.... lol. And I assume if you bought a used game, you could still buy another "cd-key" right? Not that I would want to do that since we all know they'll overcharge us here.

    Both things alone will do damage to Microsoft, together they will destroy their hopes of having the top console in the next generation.

    Last edited 07/02/13 8:34 am

    My PC: still specced miles ahead and has been for a years now. Combine that with always on and no second hand games, and I have absolutely no incentive to get one of these.

      PC's will always be ahead, i don't think that's a valid complaint about a console. Console gaming is never about being the most powerful.

      Everything else is really dumb though ;)

        Yeah console gaming to me is all about convenience. These two features would take away two advantages console gaming has over PC. Still, local multi couch gaming like Smash Bros and Halo split-screen might keep people coming back to consoles.

      Yeah, because PC sure does have second hand games and Steam is basically always online. (Since you have to be online to put it in offline mode)

        I think the point is that a console is not a PC.... and i don't want it to be.

        If people want the best graphics and constant online play, don't get a console. (even though i love my consoles online, i NEED the option for it to not be online for many many reasons)

    Welp, the only reason I went for the 360 was because I thought Microsoft were going to do great things with RARE.

    But no...

    And so it looks like I'll have to give this one a miss.

    Hopefully the Ouya is going to be at least a tenth as good as it sounded on the Kickstarter page,,,

      Those "big things" they did with Rare is force all the old dogs of Rare out with kinect crud and no room for creativity but sport games. Expect the next Xbox to be no different.

    Honestly I wouldn't mind if Microsoft chose to do both of these thing IF they made the price we pay on Australian games drop dramatically. The prices we pay are extremely high compared to the rest of the world, anywhere from $89 to $129 for a new title is ridiculous.

      Who in God's name pays that much? I haven't seen a non-collector's edition of any game that you couldn't get on launch day for $79 for at least two years.

        Black Ops 2 was $100.00 on Steam launch day IIRC.

          I believe you - just weird, considering the fact that all bricks n mortal retail spaces were selling console versions for under $80.

            Steam are completely uncompromising when it comes to applying the Australia tax to everything. Everything is overpriced for us. $49.99 at launch in the US, $79,99 - $99.99 AUD even though it's the same product and the AUD has been level with or ahead of USD for over a year.

            Hence why services like Green Man Gaming have popped up, offered discounts, then been smacked down by Aussie publishers. Even though everyone denies receiving these bonus Aussie dollars, I think we know whose hip pocket has been affected...

              I think that's the publisher's fault, not Steam. Unfortunately it seems more and more publishers have been applying the Aus tax to Steam over the last couple of years. :(

              Yeah, Matt, that's not Steam, but the publisher. If Steam were so uncompromising, you wouldn't see the super cheap ass sales, and I certainly wouldn't have scored Skyrim for $20ish.

                I'm not saying it isn't the publishers, I'm saying that buying via steam gives you little recourse to negotiate a better deal or shop around because the prices are locked EXCEPT when there's a steam sale. The digital prices are locked by the publishers.

                Maybe you didn't notice, but even our steam sale prices for full retain titles are ripoffs compared to the deals the US get. I think Max Payne 3 was still $50 on sale here, which is the normal US price. The US sale price was more like $30.

                Just because we can save money via steam doesn't mean we're not still getting ripped off.

                Services like Green Man Gaming try to offer Steam codes at a discounted price, but when they were caught giving Australians the same deal as US customers, the publishers smacked them on the wrist. Same thing happened to

                And yet the publishers claim it's not them that are sucking up the 50-100% markups. Hmm.

                  You don't have to sell it to me. Look at any of the CoDs. They'll nearly always sell them for whatever the publishers think they can get away with. But they mirror the prices in the stores, and they almost never change.

        Whaaaaaat. Shit ain't that cheap around here unless it's a PC copy which is on average 10-20 dollars less than the console title.

          Really? Can't think of a single game released in the last two years that was >$80 at JB on launch day.

            Ah right, I thought we were talking about EB Games. I tend to avoid JB for games, here they can't seem to handle PC games in the right fashion, sucks because they are cheaper, than EB. But they're just not organised when it comes to PC games or have anyone with knowledge about them =/ Least EB I can ask a question and I don't get a blank stare about what I just asked =/

              I only go to JB Hi-Fi in the Galeries Victoria here in Sydney and their resident game dude, Morris, really knows his stuff and loves to discuss upcoming titles. The people at the counter are probably more likely to know about films and music, but don't write them off. There's a fairly good spread of knowledgeable staff.

              Still, it's true, their PC gaming selection seems pretty lame compared to the console stuff. I guess they assume most people are just gonna go with steam for most things anyway.

                No no, this was the games section at my local one. The guy who runs it is pretty clueless about games, best he can do is search the database and tell you if something is available or it's price =/

      As far as I know, Microsoft don't really have a say in what games are priced at and I doubt the devs (or whoever) will lower the price and therefore the profit margin.

    PS won't have this tech.

      bahahahaa you think it wont??? Sonys already been looking into it!

        Of course they have been. Sony researches and patents a lot of stuff - like every other company - partly to protect itself from patent trolls.

        That doesn't mean everything they research goes in.

        This won't be in the new PS. Permalink this comment.

          I don't think this will be in the new Xbox either. This rumour has been circling around in one form or another (for both consoles) for years.
          These companies like to do stupid things, but I don't THINK they have reached this level of stupidity...yet.

            Like someone said above, I don't doubt there will be some sort of 10 dollar pass on each game for the studios, like EA did with the ME games. In terms of 2nd hand game sales or whatnot, I don't actually mind that. It helps studios recoup on second hand sales. No biggie. But codes at full price? No. Just no. I do see MS and Sony putting this into this generation giving the dent the 2nd hand industry made this generation and the irritation both expressed at it.

    That's on top of having to regularly pay for Gold to play online, AND having to pay an online pass fee for each game. Right after you've paid microtransactions to unlock the single player campaign.

      Given the way Sony is hemorrhaging money, and how much Microsoft made off Gold memberships... Sony would be naive if they didn't charge for online next time.

      They may offer 2 tiers... PSN-live (online play) & PSN-plus (online & games or something) but it's going to happen.

      EDIT: spelling.

      Last edited 07/02/13 9:44 am

        Of course Microsoft made money from it. It's not like we have any other choices to play 360 online.

          Right... but they've shown that people will buy it and it's not an impediment to sales.

          Sony will charge for online play.

            Hey they suckered people into believing Playstation Plus was worth it right?


              And every major publication agrees.

                Keep telling yourself that... just as Xbl gold is 'worth it'... its a case of being conditioned to believe something is worth it rather than seeing how it truly isn't. Thank christ for online gaming on PC's.

                  Apples and oranges.

                  One has you pay to access your own internet while being subjected to advertising.

                  The other, you pay a yearly fee for year-long rental style access to several hundred dollar's worth of new, indie, and recently released full games across two systems.

                  Sony actually did something right. Again, there hasn't been a single major games source that has a problem with this.

                I will back Zap and MrWaffle. PSN Plus IS great value for most people (me included) and every publication agree's for the right reasons.
                Gold I stopped. It is a rought and I know alot of people who started buying the PS3 version of games to play online knowing both versions are the same.

                I'm a PC gamer first though so what do I know right :-P

              I've been a member of Playstation Plus for two months and I've already gotten half a dozen games I wanted to buy anyway. It has already paid for itself. Sounds like it's worth it to me...

              I am not sure why people argue the PS+ vs Live Gold.

              One gets you to play a part of a game you already bought the other allows you rentals\year long ownership of a lot of games for the price of one game for a year.

              It's a no brainer.

      Gold is $40 a year (less than 1 coffee each month), online pass is only for some second hand games.

    I guess they've done market research and discovered that although these features annoy people, they don't hamper sales of otherwise quality products (or at least, overall revenue won't be adversely affected) :\

    I'm definitely losing enthusiasm though. They feel like deal-breakers, especially if rival consoles decide not to implement the same features.

    Not being able to buy (or on-sell) second-hand games means that I won't be taking nearly as many buying risks in the future. Small publishers and new IPs are going to be very badly hurt by this.

    Last edited 07/02/13 8:53 am

      I'm sure if they do go with something like this they are aware they will lose sales through annoying people but are convinced the no second hand games thing (and possibly fooling themselves into thinking it'll stop piracy rather then encourage it) will equal or exceed what they'd lose.

      I won't be buying one in a hurry if this is the case.

    Embrace 2013 kids and leave 1988 behind, what is NOT online these days? I am 'always' online with my xbox360 every time I turn it on. My connection hasn't missed a beat in over 2 years.

      Not everyone has internet access you know.

    Ouya, steambox (since you can turn on offline mode), and PC look like the way to go...
    The PS4 looks like the best ever advertisement for the PS3, and the new xbox does the same for the 360.

    I don't know about the xbox, but I keep seeing people wonder about the PS4 being backwards compatible... from what I've read, IT CAN'T BE. since there is a major change in architecture, trying to emulate the cell on what amounts to a standard chip is near on impossible, I mean the PS2 emulators out there are not particularly grand on pcs with fast quad core chip, high end video and more ram than could possibly be used. (I've tried them on a hexacore AMD - 3.4ghz, with dual AMD video -6950 and 16gig ram, and the framerate is lackluster at best). Admitedly Sony are quite good at emulating their hardware, but emulating a cell processor on almost any other (current) chip strikes me as basically impossible.

    If the new xbox is no second hand games, they'll probably not bother with BC, but at least it's easier for them to do it (their change in architecture is actually fairly minor since the 360 is basically x86 chip and fairly normal video)

      I think you're right about BC.

      Just seems like such a shame, because both consoles now have huge numbers of HD-re-releases of older games, so gamers could shore up their collections. Would be a shame if the new generation not only makes the current gen obsolete, but all the re-releases of previous gen titles too...

      But they own OnLive now... so backwards compatibility may be handled through streaming of your old game.

    This is an old rumour in new packaging. I'll believe it when Microsoft announce it.

      pretty much. i feel the same way about the PS4 rumors too. I'll believe it when they announce it.

    There is no way this is true. Microsoft are a bit crazy, but not stupid.
    It would be the death of the xbox if they did this.
    (Even tho im 90% a PC gamer, I don't want consoles to die... I don't want another gaming crash)

    The only problem with this is... it won't stop the COD generation from buying this console, it will still be a success... Take my brother in law for example... He was drooling over a nice gaming PC last year, so I built him one... He played Walking Dead on it because it wasn't available in Australia then went back to his 360, where he picked up Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3... Oh, when I built him the PC I also bought him a copy of Borderlands and one of the pre-orders from my 4-pack of Borderlands 2 (he was a big Borderlands nut on 360)... he even said he cancelled his 360 pre-order for it... I was mistkaen, I am never doing this drooling console tard a favour again.

    I should also pre-face my "console tard" comment by saying, I do own all current gen consoles, mainly for the exclusives though, as I just enjoy gaming, so my opinion isn't based on sony vs MS but as a gamer in general... but to have some disrespect my hard work, my time and money, to just go back to console gaming is really frustrating.

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