Report: PS4 Cheaper At Launch Than PS3 Was

When you see a rumour end with the word "considering", it's always wise to tread cautiously. Because that word could mean anything. That said, this particular PS4 rumour comes from Britain's The Times, so it's at least worth...consideration.

The report says that Sony is looking at "pricing the new device at about £300", which is over £100 cheaper than the PS3 was at launch. I won't convert the currency, since that's a meaningless gesture, but it doesn't take a mathematician to know that's a reduction of over 25%.

The PS3 launched at $US599, so apply the same rate to the US - yes, we're getting our feet off the ground by this stage - and you're looking at a possible PS4 launch price of around $US449.

Then again, seeing as the report says Sony is simply "considering" that pricepoint, maybe it'll be $US1000! Maybe it'll be $US1! We don't really know, and chances are, we won't know on Wednesday, either.

Sony upgrade cheaper than predecessor [The Times]


    Yes Luke - The PS4 is going to be $1....

      Yeah it's going to be $998 instead of $999, meanwhile both the new Xbox and Wii U will be cheaper and offer wider variety of games other than direct ports... Or Motorstorm, Sony haven't learnt how to launch a new console alongside competition the ps Vita is a clear example..

        Arent we all just a little bit past this console war bullshit? I mean, seriously.

    Just 'cause its 'supposed' to be £300 or $US599. I bet Sony add more than the standard currency conversion rate, just like all the software companies do.

    I'm going to take a wild stab and say it will be over $800 at launch, but will drop by $100 within 6 months.

    Irrespective of what it costs elsewhere, we'll get buttfucked because people will pay it.

    Well i assume bluray is alot cheaper these days. So it makes sense. They will still most likly sell it below cost as with the ps3 because no one wants to pay a grand!

    My post Aussie tax prediction is $499.

    It's already been leaked that the Japanese one will cost around $400 US. So £300 and $449 US seen to be pretty spot on.

      Bit weird though, isnt it. JB currently selling PS3 for $379. But of course that's the new version of the PS3 that they released, what 6 weeks ago.

      fixed ;)
      The Australia tax is an amazing tax!

        This is the smartest post of the day....

      I think you are underestimating the well of despair that is the Aussie tax. While i don't think it will reach the extra $400 tax that the PS3 suffered from ($599 to $999) i think that we will easily be looking at an extra $150-$250 then what the US price is.

      Best guess i think is (especially since you imagine the state Sony is in, they would be very hesitant to sell at a loss but at the same time have hopefully learned lessons in overpricing from the PS3 and Vita launches) that it would launch in the US for $450 and Aus for $650.

        OK maybe a little wishful thinking. But I have a little faith that Sony has learnt at least a couple of lessons from the PS3 and they are no doubt looking to jump in and capture the market . $650 might be a bit more of a realistic mark but they would be stupid to go any higher, even if they're making a loss.

    Considering the specs that have been leaked so far, im hardly surprised it is going to be cheaper. Also factor in bluray drives have come down a buttload since the PS3 launched which was part of the reason it was also so expensive.

    I still expect it to be pricey, but as much as the PS3? LOL god no.

    Quick! Its a new rumour with no real basis, send in Plunkett to report!

    I still think its going to be around ¥39,980 / £300 / €400 / $400 USD / $500 AUD.

    That would be pretty reasonable pricing for a new console in Australia -- for reference it would be half the launch price of PS3 - or a mere $70 more than the premium Wii U.

      so pricing for Australia will be around $900

    They're hardly sticking their neck out there, are they? The PS3 was ludicrously expensive when it came out. Of course PS4 will be cheaper.

    that logo...... now, I understand that its just a mock up & not official or anything, but damn.... that logo is really... really... bad.

      I know right? First thing I thought when I saw the article.
      Could be worse, at least it's not pink & brown

      Definitely a mock-up, which is good because it's ugly as sin.

      I actually came in here to say could we please not use that god ugly logo, then figured it was too negative and I wouldn't say it :P ...all of which is moot

      They had that article with supposedly AMAZING logos which were all quite terrible except for the third pic. It was generally liked more.

      I'm not really going anywhere with this but I can't fall asleep :P

    We can all laugh now at $999 for PS3 but seriously it's $999.

      AU$999 at launch in March 2007 is the equivalent of $1147.84 today (if not slightly higher) using base inflation.

    It's gonna be $500 here IMO. Any higher than that here and it will be suicide. I'm also expecting a small, possibly brief price drop for the Wii U back down to $380 or maybe even $350. Nintendo have got to be planning something here like they did the 3DS. By the time PS4 comes out, the Wii U will have a good lineup of games and a great price in comparison. Gonna be interesting.

      I like to see if they release different versions/bundles at launch like have your standard, budget version and if people like to fork out extra for more stuff you get the premium bundle.

        That seems to be the norm these days. It would be good if they did the whole "throw in your own hard drive if you want" thing again. Considering you can get a 500GB 2.5" HDD for $60, it'd be great if there was like a 12GB model priced at say $350 or so.

    I'm thinking $600 or $599 for an Aussie release recommended retail, not sure how cheap they will be in some stores.

    The cheap version of the PS3 was $799 the good one (backwards compatible) was $999. But a PS3 could play Blu-Ray Movies when players where still around $700+ so it was kind of cheap for some.

    Last time I was in JB I saw a Sony Blu-Ray Player for $86, it was the cheap non 3D model to go with my non 3D TV but it's a name brand player for less than a $100 so the Blu-Ray component is cheap.

    Anything over AU$799 is too much. That being said, I'm still a sucker, I'll be buying regardless of price.
    Also, that logo makes my brain hurt.

    Get "The Last Guardian" as a launch title, and I'll gladly pay $700+ for the damn thing.

    I'm really hoping that they show a giant enemy crab with weak points you hit for massive damage.

    It is cheaper due to the low cost of bluray now. At its launch, bluray was new and bluray drives and discs were at a premium. That alone would count for a 25% drop in price.

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