Report: Sony Will Indeed Announce The Next PlayStation On February 20

Mere hours ago, Sony took the hype train straight out of the station with its tease of a big announcement coming on February 20. It seemed likely that the event, which will be live-streamed, would be a reveal of the next PlayStation console, code-named Orbis.

The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that "people familiar with the matter" have said that the PlayStation 4 will indeed debut at the event. The report goes on to say that the PlayStation 4 (or whatever it winds up being called) will be released later this year in time for the Christmas holidays.

We've reached out to Sony about the WSJ's story and will update if we hear back. In the meantime, read up on the latest we've learned about the new console.

Sony to Unveil PS3 Successor [Wall Street Journal]


    Wall Street Journal are only speculating like everyone else is.

      but there's "people familiar with the matter"... surely they're trustworthy... right?

    Even if they start the teasing early I doubt we'll gert a huge reveal this early. Still I want the name to be OMNI and one of the hype commercials to be Cloud using his signature Limit Break and wielding an OMNI to lay the smack down on competing consoles...or I guess at this point a Microsoft Xbox logo will have to do.

      If it is out this year then this isn't really an early tease.

    Thats nice!

    Time to save 2k+ and preorder as early as you can folks! This time they might reach for the galaxies and have only 10 units per region! xD

    Wasn't it just a week or two ago they were saying they were waiting for Microsoft to make the first move?

      That's what they wanted everyone to think.

    Sounds about right. Announcing now is a good idea, as there are few big releases on any of their platforms, and that gives them the time to hype it and the opportunity to show it off without having it drowned out by all the wonderful things come E3.

    I wasn't exited at all for next gen.... So Why am I all giddy and cant w8 all of a sudden?

    I find it unlikely that the PS4/Xbox 720 will be released this year with a confirmed current-gen release as important as GTA5 coming as late as September. It would likely quite seriously harm sales for Rockstar (who would certainly be privilege to a rough release date for the next gen). If Rockstar knew a new console would be coming this year, they would simply rush the release of GTA5(rather than pushing it back to September as they have) so they could pick up as many sales as possible before passing the point that harder-core gamers and early adopters will say "I don't want to buy this game on a console I'll only be using for another two months".

      well it could mean that GTA V is both a current gen and a next gen title.

        Or that GTA V will be a next gen title only

    Damn I hope this it true! The whole industry needs a kick in the pants.

      The problem isn't in the hardware platforms, it lies in the publishers. A good game is great irrespective of its platform (thus a game that stinks on a console will stink on a PC and vice versa).

      Decades ago, gaming was great because everyone was taking a risk and trying out new ideas even if they were most likely to tank.

      But now, we live in an industry where publishers are so afraid of not making huge profits they shun away from anything that is not nearly identical to Modern Warfare.

      What the industry really needs is to get its head out of the sand. There is something seriously wrong when AAA titles have less entertainment values than Hidden Object, Lego-based games, and even games by independent developers.

      And I am not kidding about mentioning Hidden Object games. Three in particular (Empress of the Deep 1 and 2, and Stray Souls) show it is possible to have a good HO game if you get the right balance between story, adventure gaming and hidden object puzzles.

    Whilst cool, I'll be playing it like I played the PS3....wait a few years until there's a reasonable library and a price cut or two.

    Still, hopefully the PC Master Race will be able to stop complaining about the current gen holding them back :P

      They will always complain simply because they can.

      And while we are on that note (and I am saying this for the last time): consoles have no effect on the quality of games on the PC - developers and publishers create the games thus are the ones to blame.

    Things that Sony should know by now after the PS3:
    1. Don't make the console expensive enough to require taking out a second mortgage.
    2. Make sure there are proper exclusive titles that justify the acquisition (future potential "really" worked for MGS4 and FF13).

    Above all, I hope that Sony realises that gaming is about the games and not the technology nor their attempts to thwart pirates. If the patient they filed turns out to be a reality, then their best bet would be to scrap the PS4 because none will tolerate their futile DRM.

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