Report: The Next PlayStation Will Stream PS3 Games

Report: The Next PlayStation Will Stream PS3 Games

Ever since Sony purchased streaming games company Gakai last year, it’s been speculated that they were planning to have the next PlayStation stream games. Today, the Wall Street Journal reports that is indeed the case, and that the new console will stream PlayStation 3 games.

Citing “people familiar with the company’s plans”, the WSJ report elaborates:

The new technology, to be unveiled Wednesday along with the new console, will allow users to play games delivered over the Internet, these people said. The streaming service, they added, is designed to use current PlayStation 3 titles on the new console; the new device is also expected to play new games stored on optical discs

Next Sony PlayStation to Stream Games [Wall Street Journal]


  • Ooh this’ll be awesome! Imagine Nathan Drake popping up out of cover and taking a shot at a bad guy, the bullet flies out of the gun, there’s a network disruption and you wait 15 seconds while an alternative route is found. He might eventually die…

  • This is brilliant. There is a major, MAJOR downside to this not at all Sonys fault though…

    Australias internet services. If you don’t have NBN? Good ****ing luck utilising this service.

          • Wireless internet is notrious bad for online games, packet loss and the like not to mention horrible speeds.

            Think of it as streaming a HD movie, couple hours and your whole quota would be eaten up (unless they have some mad optimization stuff going on). That’s assuming your speeds were capable of even going fast enough.

            Think about it, a bluray movie runs at like 20-30Mb/s of data, the average ADLS 2+ speed is like 5mb/s (they want to stream HD ps3 games). Unless as i said there is mad optimization and compression of some sort going on, your going to need insane internet speeds. Basically on a wireless (im assume you mean satelite not that you have a land connection with a wifi router) i dont think it would be even remotely feasible, the packet loss and large ping would make it a very unfun experience.

            Just speculating of course, but they’d have to be having magic beans for it to work adequately on anything less than a 20mbs connection, that being a real 20mb per second connection not the 20mbs =2mbs download speed we have currently. (I have 3mbs adsl2 atm, and i only get around 350kbs real world dowload speed).

          • You offered such a genuinely well thought out response that I feel it only fair to confess I was just trying to crack an admittedly lame joke at the expense of my poor home internet connection. FYI it is home 3G setup. Local exchange not enabled for ADSL2 etc and no ports left for ADSL1… gotta laugh or cry, right brother?

          • Hahah yeah ( i did wonder if you were having me on :P), im just waiting on NBN to finish in my area (was already supposed to have been finished last month, now they are like july?). I sit around 5km of cableing from my exchange so until i get fibre i will always have a weak ass connection so i know the pain.

          • But you will be set come July – I’m jelly 😛 Make sure you post once you got it to let us know what it is like 🙂

          • NBN wont make a difference, as the latency will still be high..
            But that being said, we already have access to high speeds on cable, without the need for fibreoptic/nbn – current cable speeds on docsis 3 can reach up to 100mbps, my speed with optus sits between 80-90 mbit/s

    • Speed wouldn’t be an issue if you have decent ADSL2/2+, but the main issue is latency. Not even the NBN will rectify this as we still have to go through all the same hoops regardless. Though, the NBN will be more stable, which is a big plus.

        • @thom
          No it wont do anything for that, because nothing has changed in relation to number of jumps to reach america. Still goes through each node at the same pace which is what the predominant hold up is.

          What it will do is get rid of the drop in line quality that you get with copper the longer the line is, even a 10km fibre cable (as far as im aware) will get the same strength signal all the way along.

          It basically means we will have much greater line stability. Meaning faster speeds everywhere less packet loss drop outs etc etc.

          • Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they going to lay some additional undersea cable to reduce the ‘jumps’? I’m not sure it will make a huge difference, but I’m pretty sure that’s part of the overall roll out.

          • Even if they did it wouldn’t change anything, still lag like a mofo. You best ping may go from like 180 -150 /160, a difference sure but not even remotely enough to make an online experience any better.

    • No, you can still blame Sony if this service only works in countries which have stable high speed internet connections. That would be what you call having a lack of foresight.

      • Not really. In America the infrastructure is there, in Japan it is too. Definitely so in Japan. My sister was there a short while ago and was blown away by their wired/wireless network which she said was better than what we’ve proposed with our NBN. Someone has to pioneer it (OnLive did) and someone has to step up with the backing to do so properly (Sony now), but the fact is with todays standards of net access, countries like Australia? We’re gonna have a really shit time accessing said features…

        • I think this is called future-proofing. Noire was really famous for it in Hyperdimension Neptunia. Anyway, I still reckon the best way to play PS3 games is just to keep your existing PS3. For anyone else it is a bonus feature at best.

  • Even if you do it will be shit unless your, you know, on top of a server. We all know though that there wont be one within 2000km of us. Still, i think this tech is still too much in its infancy to be of worth to many people at all.

  • As good as this sounds, it’s just not going to work in Australia. Speed, bandwidth, and latency are all going to be big stumbling blocks.

  • I remember trying that streaming service for the Witcher 2 demo at one point and it didn’t even bother trying to stream to me because my net was too slow….. Basically, game streaming at this point is like electric cars, the technology just isn’t ready yet to be mainstream.

    Anyway, for their sake I hope they have a backup plan or came up with some miracle way to make streaming not very bandwidth intensive, because they are really going to need one of those two things…. lol

    • It’s funny you say that about electric cars – I was reading about the TESLA today, and it seems the tech pretty much is there. The problem is there are a lot of vested interests who seem to be paying car reviewers off – one guy at the NYT just got shamed for being full of shit.

  • Never really understood why people beg for a next-gen console but want to still play last-gen games.

    Use the console it is made for. Move forward, not backwards.

    • Well its not that they only want this. I myself have like 40 360 games, and only have room for 2 consoles on my entertainment unit. So when the next xbox and ps4 arrive, my ps3 and 360 will be moving into storage. SO having to then bring them out and set them up to play one of my 40 odd games if i get the urge is more than extremely bothersome.

      Its also for people who skip generations of consoles, be it for $$/work/study or other reasons. Being backwards compatible allows them to buy 1 console instead of 2 to enjoy both sets of games.

      So while its not the be all end all of desires, its a perfectly valid one that is rather annoying when not met.

        • The “First World Problems” retort always bugs me, not just because it’s a way of saying “Cry some more” while making yourself sound like some paragon of benevolence, but because you know what else are first world problems? Hunger, disease, homelessness, poverty, violence, crime, etc.
          Really, if you have time to come onto a comment thread and try to pointlessly shame someone for feeling a little self indulgent then you should be using that time to go out there and solve third world problems yourself.

          • ^ have to agree worst meme in the world. Just because there are people worse off does not make my problem no longer a problem.

          • Isn’t first world problems just saying that it really isn’t a problem? I mean, to take your point, setting up a PS360 takes probably 5 minutes, that really isn’t that big of a deal is it?

          • I don’t get how people have both consoles in this generation, there’s soooo much overlap, apart from one or two exclusives I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything by just choosing one.

          • Well for starters i prefer the 360 in every single way so every cross platform game is on my 360.

            But i got the ps3 for all the rpg’s (360 tanked in Japan so they are only developed on PS3)
            Games like Tales of Graces F and Xillia
            Ni no kuni (best game this generation imo)
            Certain dynasty warriors games are PS3 only, like the upcoming 7 empires and both the one piece versions.
            All the disagea games

            And those are just the games im super into, then there are games like LBP which i tried and didn’t like, the metal gear games. Some ps2 ones as well since i never owned one.

            But i will say most of these games came out or are coming out within the last year and next couple months. Before that i did regret buying a ps3. Now not at all.

            Also being able to play all my old ps1 games I have on disc in my large tv without them looking stretched to oblivion was very nice too.

          • It’s an annoyance, an inconvenience…. Hardly a problem. A problem would be Sony deactivating all your PSN games.

          • OI smart arse, put that arrogance away. Just because its not a big problem doesn mean it isn’t one

            Definition of a problem.

            1. A question to be considered, solved, or answered: math problems; the problem of how to arrange transportation.
            2. A situation, matter, or person that presents perplexity or difficulty: was having problems breathing; considered the main problem to be his boss. See Usage Note at dilemma.
            3. A misgiving, objection, or complaint:

            Having no space for old consoles on my entertainment unit, is considered a problem.

            Having to pull it out of storage, probably ridden with dust and needing to be cleaned before use is a problem.

            Now having hideous console and cords everywhere (because it doesn’t ahve its own spot) sitting in an awkward spot on the entertainment unit, upsetting your sigificant other because they want things tidy is also a problem.

            So dont be so condescending, specially when your wrong, makes you look like a tool.

    • a) I have a pile of games I still want to play from time to time that would just become landfill otherwise.
      b) While there are a bunch of fun current-gen games, last-gen games still had a lot of titles better than today’s in terms of gameplay.

  • Well it’s either this, or no backwards compatibility at all (since it’s been mentioned many times that PS3 emulation will be next to impossible for the PS4).

    I’ll think it’s better than nothing.

  • “the new device is also expected to play new games stored on optical discs”

    That is incredible and surprising news.

  • Despite being a little worried by this, I’m being as optimistic as i can. I’m sure that Sony will have figured out some sort of caching method, so the games that are being streamed are still running at their intended play speed.

    And even still, what im MOST excited about, are the nextgen games. Not how well the current gen games will run when streamed.

    Not to mention, id take sony’s answer to backwards compatibility, over Microsoft’s zero backwards compatibility and “always on kinect” watching your family anyday.

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