See The Star Wars Lightsabre-Fighting Game That Never Made It

It never went anywhere, and maybe that's a good thing, but this is a demonstration Studio Gigante put together for a Star Wars fighting game on the original Xbox. Josh Tsui, currently of Robomodo, co-founded the studio and for some reason tweeted out this video on Valentine's Day<.

It's somewhat better than the trainwreck that was Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi, a PSOne (not) classic that actually did release in 1997. I'm not a big fan of the shifting camera, but I'm assuming this is some kind of CPU-vs-CPU demonstration, to give it a limited benefit of the doubt.

The biggest issue, again, is how do you build a fighting game based on lightsabers, whose nonfatal strikes usually sever an appendage. If the game is about the Force moves or martial arts performed during saberlock, then it renders the most exciting part of the combat irrelevant until the finisher.

Polygon, which spotted this video on Thursday, reminds that Tsui's old studio was pitching a Star Wars fighting game — and one based on the Kill Bill series — when it closed in July 2005.

Watch the Star Wars fighting game that never was [Polygon]


    Jedi Academy multiplayer is still the best lightsabre fighting game, 10 years later.

      Damn right. So many months on the pc playing duels :D was so much fun!

      Duels were the best! So much time spent on this. It's a shame it doesn't much love any more. :(

        5 people right here that still love it, it seems =P We should all play together some time!

    Wait what was wrong with Teras Kasi? I thought that game was pretty fun.

      The janky animation, the sluggish controls, the bland characters, the boring moves, the subpar sound, the dated graphics... Teras Kasi was a great idea, unfortunately it was severely, poorly executed when it was released. I bought it day 1 when it came out, huge starwars fan, tried to love it, tried *TRIED* to love it. Just couldn't :(

        Hmm well I rented it for a week and had fun playing with my sisters. I was never a huge fighting game fan, but this one I liked.

          Heh fair point :) Its horses for courses, some people love it, some don't. I was a huge starwars nerd back then (theres fans, theres NERDS, I was a nerd...) so I was bound to hate it...

    Never understood why there was never a Lightsabre game for the PS Move.

    With the rather elaborate animation for each move, it looked less like a tekken style fighting game and more like a rock/paper/scissors thing. Hmm, that'd be kinda sweet, a star wars duel game based on a system similar to the old Lost World fighting game books. It'd make for a cool take on turn based fighting

    They had something kinda like this as a different mode for the Episode III spinoff, which I played on the original Xbox. It was actually kinda fun, despite the rest of the game sucking.

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