Seems Like Tomb Raider Isn't Quite The Game I Expected It To Be...

Usually developer diaries tend to reinforce my previous ideas regarding how an upcoming video game is going to play. This new Tomb Raid video, however, has completely subverted it. I had sort of written the new Tomb Raider off as an Uncharted-style linear shooter/platforming/puzzle hybrid, but it looks as though the game has a feature set that makes it more like Batman: Arkham Asylum than Uncharted.

And I think that's a good thing. Don't get me wrong — I love Uncharted — but it's difficult to imagine anyone pushing the production boundaries like Naughty Dog. The Tomb Raider shown in the above video, in my opinion, has a much better shot of being a must play experience. The idea of backtracking, with a new set of skills, and being able to find and explore new areas? That really appeals to me.

Looking forward to this now.


    Same. I love where they're taking this.

    So Epic! this definately looks like the reinvention the Tomb Raider franchise needs hopefully it is as good as it looks.

    I'm really liking the direction they're taking. I hope it all comes together.

    *Enthusiasm growing... growing*

    "Preorder now at Gamestop for exclusive--"

    *Enthusiasm falling...*

    Backtracking was implemented to a degree in Castlevania Lords of Shadow, which I really liked. It was awesome getting a new skill like double jump and thinking - yeah, now I can revisit a previous level and access a part of it that I couldn't the first time around. Brilliant stuff, adds replay value!

    The more a hear about this, the more I look forward to it. I hope it turns out to be a great game.

    More than a hint of Far Cry 3 in there as well...WW2 ruins, Japanese notes, fast travel etc. Hope it doesn't get too similar, would be a shame to hear "copycat" cries when the games have essentially been on the same dev schedules.

    "We call this FAST TRAVEL!"

    Like Skyrim... like Just Cause 2... like every single other game thats ever included it. The game looks nice but jesus, touting Fast Travel as a new spiffy game mechanic? CMAWN!!!!

      yeah, that was funny. It very much reminded me of of a Discovery/History channel documentary. Stating the bleeding obvious like it's something no one knew.

    As someone who doesn’t own a PS3, I was perfectly okay with an Uncharted knock off, as long as it was decent. This does look a bit better though.

      Uncharted is my favourite video game series so I was perfectly fine with a knock off too. But I wouldnt say this is better; its completely different. It looks like instead of trying to compete with Uncharted's story-driven approach (which is masterful, i must add) they have gone in the opposite direction and decided to do something open-world. I just hope the story is decent or this whole experience will be wasted.

    My favourite part is where he calls her laura, and no one picked up on it before releasing this trailer.

    I hate back tracking. Maybe it's those damn games on nintendo 64 like jet force gemini and donkey kong 64 that did it to me but I just can't stand playing the same area twice or 3 times in a slightly different way.

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