Seriously, Why Doesn't Anyone In Fire Emblem: Awakening Have Feet?

"There's an elephant in the room."

It's a phrase people use when there's some super-obvious thing that everyone's consciously avoiding talking about, like, you're at a party where the host just died of a heart attack and was carted off by the coroner, but you're eating teeny-weenies and talking about the weather, and the elephant in the room is that the host just died.

(What? It was the first thing that popped into my head.)

The new 3DS strategy game Fire Emblem: Awakening has just such an elephant. Namely, that no one in the game appears to have any feet.

I'm not the first one to notice this particular elephant, of course. (Actually, their legs connect straight to the ground kind of like elephant feet do. Coincidence? I THINK PROBABLY.) I've seen the question asked on message boards all over the place, and Stephen mentioned it twice in his review.

Here's further evidence from Stephen's review:

What the hell, right?

I've yet to see anything resembling a concrete answer for why this is the case. (That's not to say one doesn't exist.) Why does no one in this game have feet? Their ankles connect straight to the ground. It looks painful and ungainly, though they do move quite gracefully. In drawings of the characters, they have feet. Past games in the series appear to have featured feet.

So I'm turning to you, fine Kotaku readers. Is there some official reason for this that I'm unable to find? Do you have any theories of your own? Are these people part-horse? Maybe the feet will be DLC? I ask you: Why doesn't anyone in Fire Emblem: Awakening have feet?


    it looks more like their feet are clipping through the ground, like the character models think the floor is a few inches lower than it actually is.

      From playing the demo... it looked a lot like it was clipping.

        Well in the header picture right here, that guy who looks like Marth, he's dashing forward and you can see half of his foot, like only his toes are clipping, or at least that's what it looks like to me

    It's either art/design style or they needed to remove the feet to stay under poly budget.

      Yep, this. Polys are tight on the 3DS, so the style is made around it.
      edit: looking closely it does look like clipping. Do they have feet when they're running or something?

      Last edited 08/02/13 12:20 am

    Unsure as yet, will have more information in April :P

    If I had to guess though it would have to be:
    A model alignment issue
    An odd artistic choice where everyone has feet like Wind Waker Link (feet that don't really protrude far from the heel)
    A strange gravity anomaly localised around peoples ankles that has just enough power to affect the growth of feet
    Everyone is a thief, but because they need hands for killing other people, the authorities have opted instead to chop off their feet rather than fingers

    there all peglegS!!! I haven't played the game and probably wont (Not into the genre) but that sort of thing would irritate me too much to keep playing. I don't think it would be to stay under poly-budget. each foot would only about to 10-40 tris at most. I'm hoping its a bug that will be fixed. I can't see them missing feet as a design choice.

    I'm not usually one to focus on graphics, but man, that screenshot makes the graphics look really....sloppy.

    Why no sharpness?

      Its a photo of the game. Not a screenshot.

      The graphics are pretty sharp.

    You know a game is good when the worst complaint people have about it is the lack of feet, given the art direction of the 3d models heh. That's how I see it anyway, plus I honestly don't have a problem with it since it isn't my first experience with such a thing, someone else pointing out WW being an example of more or less a similar thing. FFs on DS another example.

    Looks like clipping

    Pretty sure they are all standing on tippy toe due to excitment of being in a Fire Emblem game...

    They're all trying out for the Bolshoi Ballet.

    The game wasn't originally a Fire Emblem game. It was a new strategy-RPG, and was about a demon going around the world and stealing people's feet, and so when making the game, the developers had all of the models foot-less. When it was re-branded as a new FE game, they decided to reuse all of the models they had already made, despite the obvious lack of feet. I'm pretty sure that if you look at the dialogue in the game, you'll notice that there was never any direct mention of feet, such as; "I HAVE FEET", so there isn't really any problem there.

    Its not clipped. They arent standing below the ground.
    Its real. They have no feet at all.
    You can tell this when a character is running, jumping, or the most obvious is when someone falls down (ex. Sumia being a clutz. The first fall she makes in game makes it more than obvious that there are no feet.).
    It bothered me at first, but now I kinda like it. Its different.

    Chinese stlye foot binding

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