Skylanders: Swap Force Gameplay Footage Is Lovely

Activision doesn't have to sell me on buying Skylanders toys at this point — I literally have a bucket full of them sitting not a metre away from me as I type — but the games, entertaining as they are, could use a little work. The kind of work they've done with the new engine for Skylanders: Swap Force.

This is the presentation from the Skylanders event in New York yesterday, which I wasn't allowed to go to because I live too far away and the world sucks. Not as bad it sucks for all the kids in line outside of the Times Square Toys 'R' Us in the cold, waiting for the Ninjini that I will get eventually without having to sit in the snow and be videotaped.

Don't worry about the guy talking on stage. He's addressing the press, and they're silly. Just watch the game. Not only can the damn things jump now (finally), what they are jumping in is so very pretty.


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