Skyrim Mod Videos Look Like A Next-Gen Elder Scrolls Game

It's one thing to look at screenshots and gape, but video of Skyrim looking like a next-gen game is something else entirely.

Austrian PC gamer SkyrimTuner runs a YouTube channel where all he does is post footage of the game running with all kinds of mods, sometimes with over 150 going at once. It's basically exactly the effects seen in our screenshot gallery from last year, only in motion.

The main ones are the ENB series, which can do wonders for all kinds of PC games, but every little mod helps.

If you're wondering what kind of rig was required to not just run all this but to capture it at 1920x1080, SkyrimTuner's PC is as follows:

ntel [email protected],3GHz

NVidia GTX 680 OC GPU Boost @ 1200MHz


120GB SSD for Win7 64

60GB SSD for Skyrim

1TB HD 7200rpm

You know when a man has an SSD just for Skyrim, he means business.

The custom character model is a bit...well, yeah, but everything else is simply stunning. Please watch in HD. Please.

Skyrim Tuner [YouTube]


    I'm willing to bet the maker of the video's likes his female avatar just a *little* too much.

    It's true what they say: no amount of increased graphical realism can fix boring art.
    It's a shame so many of the most easily-moddable western RPGs are basically muddy sandboxes dotted with trees and cliffs. Would love to see technical talents like this applied to something with some real artistic style and level design.

      Art is subjective, but you sir, are wrong. Skyrim is stunning.

        Skyrim is awesome but I will agree that while it does it well, the setting is not very imaginative.
        Standard medieval Europe with a Nordic flare. Same old castles and horses, knights and peasants, dragons and robed wizards.
        Fun as hell? Yes. Original and interesting? Not so much.
        Imo anyway.

        Last edited 25/02/13 4:06 pm

        You sir, are misguided.

        The world is kind of nice, but the general "art" is poor.

    SkyrimTuner has a page on Skyrim Nexus detailing how to achieve this, for those interested:

    Can you tell me what capture hardware / software he is using?? I got have something to show but yet to figure a way to capture it. Cheers.

    Just think when the next gen consoles are finally here we'll get graphics like this and better on PC without have to mod the games to within an inch of their lives.

      Yeah, but they aren't here, and the console versions of Skyrim look pretty mediocre and there's not you can do about it. Besides which, Skyrim is far from the best of what PC is offering graphics wise.

      By they way, my PC couldn't handle this anyway.

    The annoying thing is that practically every single one of these graphics mods introduces a 'realistic lighting system' that causes nights and dungeons to become so dark that it's almost impossible to play. So many of the modders seem incapable of releasing versions that don't go so dark.

      Haha, yeah I ran into this issue with a New Vegas lighting mod; couldn't see shit at night. I was chased by radscorps despite the fact I had no clue where they were coming from - could only hear those fuckers right up to the point when they swarmed on top of me. Luckily there was a handy alternative "brighter" version that wasn't completely impractical. I get that some people want realism though but thats a bit too far for me.

      The main problem one is Climates of Tamriel. Even on its supposedly 'brightest' night setting it's still black as coal. The next version is supposed to have normal nights by default and the darker nights as optional, but until then, don't use CoT.

        I know right. Every time I see one of these mods they look fantastic and I definitely want all the effect seen the screenshots and videos, if I could have all that but just not so dark it would be fantastic.

        I don't care how 'realistic' it is, it's not very immersive when you walk into a house and find NPC enjoying pitch black darkness. Don't get me started on Markarth!

        Haha yes! I just installed CoT after seeing this article and loved it's weather and sky effects, but had to disable it as I could not see a thing in Markarth at night... I hope the final version 3.0 coming soon fixes it!

        Last edited 26/02/13 5:39 am

    Entirely agree, most boring art design I've seen for a long time. Felt very bland -- as far as I'm concerned something like Twilight Princess looks infinitely better than Skyrim.

    The thing that annoys me about all the lighting mods making everything PITCH BLACK at night is that NIGHT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT. There is a tonne of ambient light pollution (stars, moon). I admit on moonless nights it gets quite dark but there's a level of practicality they screw with which is annoying.

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